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MySQL connector C ++

MySQL provides an operation interface in the C ++ language. You can use this interface to write a C ++ client to your database. For the installation method, see the official documentation. This Article How to compile the MySQL connector C ++

MySQL for Visual Studio Version

MySQL for Visual Studio Version Connector/net Version Supported Visual Studio Version supported MySQL Server Versions supported currently supported Notes 1.2 6.9,6.8 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013

win2008 R2 install MySQL appears ODBC Connector installation error _win server

I'm going to install MySQL in Windows Server 2008 R2 today, but I always find ODBC connectors installed incorrectly, whether I use MySQL's overall installation package or a separate ODBC connector installation file!! Finally the internet search for

Visual C + + 2013 for MySQL programming (ODBC)--(i) Package installation

Recently wrote some technical articles, only because of recent research more things, some projects used, so their own record, afraid of their own forgotten, if any students have their own views, can mail or reply, technical class discussion, whether

Use VS2013 to connect MySQL to C + +

VS Connect the database is actually the MySQL database. h header file interface, Lib link file, and DLL execution files are added to the project. Here is how the configuration is joined.Go to

Configure Apache + Mysql + PHP in Windows

I haven't written a blog for a long time. I am learning php recently. So I 'd like to share with you the environment configuration. Software preparation: shows the prepared software. Apache has found 64-bit drops in the official wooden tree. A

MySQL graphical management tool which is good? MySQL Graphical management tools ranking

MySQL has a lot of graphical management tools, in the end which is better to use it? This article will introduce several commonly used MySQL graphical management tools, some of the use and download methods, see below for details. If you feel useful,

The error "system. byte [] objects cannot be forcibly converted to system. iconvertible" is fixed.

Development Environment: Windows 7, Visual Studio 2008,. Net 3.5, MySQL 5.1 Problem Found: An error occurred while inserting BLOB fields into the database table. C #. Net 3.5 developed the winform program. The backend uses the MySQL 5.1.x

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