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MySQL connector C ++

MySQL provides an operation interface in the C ++ language. You can use this interface to write a C ++ client to your database. For the installation method, see the official documentation. This Article How to compile the MySQL connector C ++

Solve:your Project references the latest version of the Entity Framework (for MySQL) in Visual Studio 2013

The error message while trying to create a ADO. NET entity Data Model (Entity Framework 6) for MYSQL Database in Microsof T Visual Studio 2013"Your Project references the latest version of the Entity Framework; However, an Entity framework database

vs2015 compiling MySQL C + + connector

Currently MySQL connector/c++ binary version of the highest only support vs2008,vs2015 need to download source code self-compiled.1.CMAKEDownload the latest stable version on the websiteAdd the Bin directory to the environment variable

Learn about MySQL connector harvesting (including the latest documentation for the JDBC API) and some helpful tips for C + +

In order to write a look at the past of the database big job, spent my morning time to study MySQL C + + connector, probably understand some basic things, write to share. Here is the first piece of code I get started with: (before reading this

MySQL for Visual Studio Version

MySQL for Visual Studio Version Connector/net Version Supported Visual Studio Version supported MySQL Server Versions supported currently supported Notes 1.2 6.9,6.8 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013

Visual Studio 2015 connecting to MySQL related issues

VS, using Server Explorer to connect to MySQL did not succeed. In accordance with the solution provided online, the relevant plugin has been installed:1, the Control Panel, MySQL Connector Net 6.9.9 has been installed (the original installation

win2008 R2 install MySQL appears ODBC Connector installation error _win server

I'm going to install MySQL in Windows Server 2008 R2 today, but I always find ODBC connectors installed incorrectly, whether I use MySQL's overall installation package or a separate ODBC connector installation file!! Finally the internet search for

Visual Studio community Connect to MySQL

Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced.This article started in csdn: so far has not authorized any other platform to

Installing MySQL for EntityFramework in Visual Studio 2013

1. Install Visual Studio 20132. Download mysql and install MySQL.3. Download Mysql-for-visualstudio-1.2.7.msi, download link: Mysql-for-visualstudio-1.2.7.msiOther than thatIf you open your

Problems and solutions of using MySQL database to build EF in Visual Studio

1. Download MySQL connector/net version select 6.9.102. Download MySQL for VisualStudioMySQL's official website can go down to3. Right-click the project management NuGet package and add Mysql.Data.EntityFirst problem: The Entity Data Model does not

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