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C # calls the MySQL database (using MySql.Data.dll connection) Mysql-connector-net-6.10.4.msi

: Instructions1. Installation: Mysql-connector-net-6.10.4.msiit: Mysql-connector-net-6.10.4.msi on WINDOWS10 operating systemThe default

Use the correct connection string for MySQL connector net connection to MySQL

When you use myodbc or mysqldrivercs to connect to the MySQL database for MySQL connector net to use the correct connection string, you only need to enter the Database Host address, database name, database access account, and database access

Win7 MySQL connector/net loading problem

Issue 1: Uninstalling MySQL Connector Net 6.9.9 Uninstall program cannot be uninstalledMethod: Registry Search MySQL Connector Net 6.9.9 Delete all*******************************************************************************************************

MySQL connector/net mysql like search Chinese problem (C # and ASP. NET connection MySQL)

Connector/net 6.9.8Select. Net/mono, no installation required.Copy the corresponding version of MySql.Data.dll to the bin directory for use, when using the MySQL like statement to retrieve Chinese,

Asp. NET and MySQL database Concise Diagram Introduction Tutorial _ Practical Tips

Author: Crystal Compilation In the ASP era, if we want to build a database-driven Web site, then you can choose to ring a lot of money in the Microsoft SQL Server database or choose to spend a lot of time to find the performance and stability of

Use the Fluentdata framework without installing mysql-connector-net

The Fluentdata framework has been used recently in development projects to reduce the amount of development effort by using this framework, and Fluentdata is a lightweight framework that operates with a high degree of freedom and a lot less

ASP. NET and MySQL Databases

Prepared by crystal In the ASP era, if we want to build a database-driven Web site, then you can choose a Microsoft SQL Server database with a lot of money or choose to spend a lot of time looking for an Access database that achieves unified

win2008 R2 install MySQL appears ODBC Connector installation error _win server

I'm going to install MySQL in Windows Server 2008 R2 today, but I always find ODBC connectors installed incorrectly, whether I use MySQL's overall installation package or a separate ODBC connector installation file!! Finally the internet search for

Explains how to join MySQL database with ASP. NET

Because of its competitive prices and ease of use, MySQL has gradually increased its market share. The open source code community has developed a database connector that can be used in. Net Framework (. NETFramework) to expand the scope of use of

Install MySQL connector/net on Windows 5.0.2 Beta

1. Download and install MySQL connector/net on Windows 5.0.2 beta. 2. Because it is a beta version, MySQL data provider is not added to machine. config after MSI is installed. Therefore, you need to add the following to the dbproviderfactories

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