mysql connector visual studio 2010

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MySQL for Visual Studio Version

MySQL for Visual Studio Version Connector/net Version Supported Visual Studio Version supported MySQL Server Versions supported currently supported Notes 1.2 6.9,6.8 2008, 2010, 2012, 2013

Mysql-VS references several MySqlDatadll in Mysql ConnectorNET. The difference is:

Mysql selects to reference MySql. Data. dll in Connector. NET which of the following is better? What are the differences between them? If VS2012 is used, which is used for VS2010 and VS2013 ?? I am not very familiar with mysql for a long time. I

SharePoint BCS-Overview

SharePoint 2010 introduced the concept of BCS for the first time-business Connectivity service, which is the operational connectivity services. In short, it can read External system data (such as Business system data tables, OData data sources, and

Notes for Soci compilation (via oracle, MySQL, SQLite, boost)

1. Modify cmakelists.txtAdd the following statement after defining the cmake_module_path variable: # Add By Snoopy # Set the boost variable set (cmake_include_path "F:/Boost/include/boost1.49") Set (cmake_library_path "F:/Boost/lib/boost1.49 ") #

ASP. NET Mvc4 ( 2013) connection MySQL

* may be because of different requirements, less practical mssql,mysql for the common database.* How to use MVC to connect MySQL database, search the Internet a lot of information. Basically are talking about, also on the author himself understand,

Error reporting and solution during MySQLdb installation

This article mainly introduces the problems and solutions for installing pythonMySQLdb in Windows. if you need it, refer to the following article to introduce the problems and solutions for installing python MySQLdb in Windows, for more information,

Python MySQLdb Installation Problems and Solutions in Windows, pythonmysqldb

Python MySQLdb Installation Problems and Solutions in Windows, pythonmysqldb Title: Because of work requirements, setting up the MySQL + Python + MySQLdb environment on CentOS, I am used to the operating habits of Windows systems, and I am not very

. NET development tools and frameworks

Development Visual_studio 2005-2010 series ---------- language development tools Visio 2003/power desiger ----------- modeling tool Dreamweaver_cs5 -------------- Webpage Design Expressionstudio 4/blend 4 ------------- WPF/Silverlight design

. NET development related usage tools and frameworks

Original: classVisual_studio 2005-2010 Series----------Language development toolsVisio 2003/power desiger-----------Modeling ToolsDREAMWEAVER_CS5--------------Web

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