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MySQL tuning basics (1) CPU and process _ MySQL

In general, MySQL optimization can be divided into two levels: one is Optimization at the MySQL level, such as SQL rewriting, index addition, and configuration of various MySQL parameters; the other layer is the operating system and hardware.

The stress test measures three CPU metrics: CPU utilization, Load average, and context Switch Rate

The last article on how to use LoadRunner monitor Linux performance indicators, but the CPU on a few indicators are not clear, the following detailed said. CPU Utilization good understanding, that is, CPU utilization, more than 75% is higher (also

Count multiple CPU utilization in Centos

I. the Source of the problem is that MySQL is multi-threaded in Linux and can only distribute multiple threads to one CPU. Therefore, in enterprises, the CPU usage of multiple small servers or pcservers is not high. Basically there are 1 ~ Two are

MySQL database CPU, MEM High utilization resolution case

Fault:At about 7 o'clock in the evening, received the Broadcast center complaint, said the video playback is slow, loading for a long time not come out. At first, brother thought it was Tomcat service and hung up. So see the next Catalina.out output

Bugs caused by Linux kernel version 3.6 and below--CPU utilization 100%

Phenomenon:Flagship store freight library CPU usage 100%,load higher, resulting in subsequent requests failing.Restart the server, CPU, load back to normal.Trigger conditions:(1) Linux kernel version 3.6 and below. (Most of the online machines are 2.

CPU of Linux system and performance monitoring

CPU of Linux system and performance monitoringPerformance optimization is the process of finding bottlenecks in system processing and removing them. This article was translated by webmaster Tonnyom in August 2009 from the Linux System

Grab TOP SQL to solve high CPU utilization issues

--Simulation of high CPU utilization:Sql> Select COUNT (*) from T_lte_card_info;COUNT (*)----------3516598Sql> select * from T_lte_card_info;[email protected] ~]$ TopTop-11:10:20 up 19:31, 3 users, load average:0.17, 0.23, 0.14tasks:187 Total, 3

Meaning of cpu usage in linux top Command, linuxtop

Meaning of cpu usage in linux top Command, linuxtop Meaning of cpu usage in linux top Command[Respect for original articles from:]CPU usage of 0.3% us user space1.0% sy CPU usage in kernel space0.0% percentage of

Optimization of MySQL in high memory and IO Utilization

Optimization of MySQL in high memory and IO Utilization The following optimizations are based on some MySQL Optimizations in the CentOS system. We hope to continue to improve them if they are incomplete or controversial.I. mysql-level optimization 1.

Linux performance monitoring and tuning (CPU)

In fact, there are many articles on this part on the Internet. Why is this article still available? There are several reasons why it is the motivation of my translation. First, although concepts and content are old-fashioned, but they are all very

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