mysql exe parameters

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MySQL Binlog maintenance detailed analysis (open, Binlog related parameters function, Mysqlbinlog interpretation, binlog delete)

Binary log role: the main implementation of three important functions: for replication, for recovery, for auditing.Binary Log related parameters:Log_binSetting this parameter means enabling the Binlog feature and specifying the path

Use Advinceinstaller to RePack EXE or MSI as MSI silent installer

Recently in learning installshelled packaging. NET do software, where the MySQL database silent installation script will not write, I novice do not spray. In the way of not writing scripts, occasionally saw this advinceinstaller can be the. exe or.

Install MySQL and configure environment variables in Linux

[User @ localhost] $ ls mysql-5.1.51.tar.gz Mysql-5.1.51.tar.gz [User @ localhost] $ su Password: # Cp mysql-5.1.51.tar.gz/usr/local/src/ [Root @ localhost] # cd/usr/local/src/ [Root @ localhost SRC] # groupadd-r MySQL [Root @ localhost SRC] #

WIN2000 Apache php mysql installation and security manual

apache|mysql| Security This article is written to friends who want to set up a secure web platform on the Win2K platform. The required program: Apache We choose Apache_1.3.28-win32-x86-no_src.msi, or

Solutions to common MySQL errors (1)

Forbidden. Althoughtheproblemsshowupwhenyoutrytorunclientprograms, thesolutionstomanyoftheproblemsin Common Errors When Using MySQL Programs This section lists some errors that users frequently encounter when running MySQL programs. although the

My MySQL learning experience (15) Log

This article "My MySQL Learning experience (15)" will explain the MySQL logThe logs in MySQL are divided into 4 categories, and using these log files, you can see what's happening inside MySQL.respectively is1, error log: Log the MySQL service start,

Single server MySQL master-slave Replication Practice

First, the configuration of two MySQL instances and can start normally1. First install MySQL database on Linux, omit detailed installation steps here (can be installed with Yum)Yum-y install mysqld MySQL2. Create a new directory under the /usr/local

Discuz Windows Deployment configuration PHP mysql

discuz! X is a PHP programming language, MySQL as a database, and the use of Apache/iis/nginx (any one can) provide Web services products. To build discuz! X site, the server must have an environment consisting of PHP, MySQL, and Apache/iis/nginx.

MySQL green version (zip uncompressed version) of the installation Graphics tutorial ( _mysql

1. Database download MySQL official website:, database download address: From the official website can find two kinds of packages, one is EXE installer, the other is a zip compression package.

Experience summary of apache+tomcat+mysql+jsp+php server consolidation configuration under Windows

Experience summary of server consolidation configuration for apache|js|mysql|window| server under Windows apache+tomcat+mysql+jsp+php 1. Author: moonsbird Topic: Experience Summary of server consolidation configuration under Windows

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