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INSERT INTO SELECT statement test in MySQL

MySQL quickly creates large amounts of data, copying (some or all) of the data from one table to another. Usage: INSERT into table_name1 (field1,field2) SELECT field1,field2 from Table_name2; Prerequisite conditions The code is as

MySQL learning notes-insert row records into data tables-MySQL

MySQL study Notes-insert row records into data tables 1. use the INSERT statement to INSERT new data Syntax: INSERT [INTO] tbl_name [(col_name,...)] VALUES (pression ,...),... INSERT [INTO] tbl_name SET col_name = expression ,... Let's start to use

MySQL insert into statement

Insert into statement: Insert [low_priority | delayed] [ignore][Into] tbl_name [(col_name,...)]Values (expression ,...),(...),... Insert into SELECT statement: Insert [low_priority | delayed] [ignore][Into] tbl_name [(col_name,...)]Select... Insert

In MySQL select INTO and INSERT into select two table copy statements

Select INTO and INSERT into select two table copy statementsInsert is a common statement in T-SQL, insert into table (Field1,field2,...) VALUES (value1,value2,...)This form is essential in application development. But in the development, testing

INSERT a row record into a MySQL DATA table)

Abstract: loading data for a database is one of the important responsibilities of the Administrator. It is precisely because of the importance that MySQL provides a wide range of methods. The INSERT and LOAD statements are mainly used. INSERT new


now there is a table for student, I want to copy this table data into a new table for dust, although can be copied with the following statement, always feel uncomfortable, I hope you help me, thank you.  Answer 01:CREATE TABLE Dust SELECT * from

Correct MySQL insert into statement usage

The following articles mainly introduce the actual usage of MySQL insert into statements and related statements in MySQL insert into statements. MySQL insert into statements are frequently used in actual applications, therefore, it is better to know

Correct use of Mysql INSERT into statement _mysql

The following article mainly introduces the actual usage of the MySQL INSERT INTO statement and the introduction of the relevant statements in the MySQL INSERT INTO statement, the MySQL INSERT INTO statement is often used in the actual application

"Go" MySQL replace into with INSERT into on duplicate key update real difference

Original link: Today listen to colleagues about Oracle to MySQL data migration, he used insert into ... on duplicate key Update ..., I was thinking how not to replace it, so I came back to look carefully, they


DML: Data Manipulation languageINSERTDELETESELECTUPDATESELECT:SELECT Select-list from tbname| tbnames| SELECT ACTION QualificationSelect-list Search ListDISTINCT, the same value is displayed only once.As Alias Field alias* All contentField fields

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