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Mysql master-slave replication principle and configuration, mysql master-slave Principle

Mysql master-slave replication principle and configuration, mysql master-slave Principle Mysql master-slave replication principle and Configuration 1.OverviewThe built-in replication function of Mysql is the basis for building large and

Distributed data Storage-MySQL master-slave replication high-availability scenario

In the previous articles, the high-availability scheme for MySQL databases, master-slave replication, latency generation of master-slave replication, latency Detection and latency solutions (not fundamentally addressed), this master-slave

MySQL (master/slave) master copy principle and configuration graphics and text detailed _mysql

1 Replication Overview MySQL's built-in replication functionality is the foundation for building large, high-performance applications. To distribute MySQL data to multiple systems, this distribution mechanism is done by replicating data from one of

Super deployment tutorials under Mysql high-availability failover Scenarios MHA _mysql

MHA IntroductionMHA is a MySQL, a Japanese MySQL Daniel written in Perl failover scheme to ensure the high availability of the database system. During downtime (usually within 10-30 seconds), complete failover, deploy MHA, avoid master-slave

Mysql mha master-slave automatic switch configuration details

Mha (Master High Availability) is currently a mature solution for MySQL multi-server (more than two) High Availability.I. What is mha and what are its features?1. Automatic monitoring and failover of the master serverMHA monitors the master server

Test the official MySQL Auto-Failover Function

Reference: www. clusterdb. commysqlreplication-and-auto-failover-made-easy-with-mysql-utilities Environment Introduction: master: demoenv-trial-1slaves: demoenv-trial-2demoenv-trial-31. install PerconaServer on all servers: $

Redis-sentinel build redis Master/Slave failover

Redis-Sentinel is the monitoring and management, notification, and instance failure backup service of redis instances. It is a management tool for redis clusters. In a general distributed central node database, redis-Sentinel is used for the work of

MySQL master-slave architecture, replication, semi-synchronization, and SSL encrypted Replication

The image function of csdn is too painful. You need to manually upload images. When Can Windows Live writer be opened? You are welcome to visit my personal website: to write only some technical articles. MySQL Master/Slave

MySQL's auto-failover feature

Today to experience MySQL's auto-failover function, here is a tool MySQL Utilities, it is very powerful. This tool provides the following features:(1) Management tools (clone, copy, compare, diff, Export, import)(2) Copy tool (installation,

Mysql high-availability architecture MHA preparation and test failover

Mysql high-availability architecture MHA construction and test failover MHA project website code. google. compmysql-master-ha 1. environment Introduction 1. host Deployment manager: (slave master)

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