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MySQL Master master slave Environment setup

=1, each time a self-increment operation is performed at the Master1 end, the data is increased by 2 larger than the maximum value of the current data, and is incremented by 2 numbers at a time from the 1th position after the maximum value. For example, 1,3,5,7 ... The auto_increment_increment=2,auto_increment_offset=2 will increase the data by 2 greater than the current maximum value at the Master2 end of each self-increment operation, and start at the 2nd position after the maximum value. Add

MySQL master-slave setup detailed steps

: last_sql_errno:0 Last_sql_error: Replicate_ignore_server_ids: Master_server_id:1 1 row in Set (0.00 sec) Read_master_log_pos and Exec_master_log_pos values can be assumed to be the master from synchronization success Seconds_behind_master whether the master/slave is synchronizing, whether there is delay master_log_file:mysql-bin.000002

Quick Setup of mysql master-slave synchronization _ MySQL

Mysql master-slave synchronization quick setup method installation environment Centos 1, 5.4 Mysql 5.1.xx is directly installed using rpm Xtrabackup 1.2.22 directly installed with rpm [Mysqld] Server-id = 1 Log-bin Innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit = 1 Sync_binlog

MySQL master-slave replication Environment setup

| ZXM || 2 | King |+------+------+4 rows in Set (0.00 sec)Iv. SummaryEncounter problems1, the installation process error, unable to install mysql-server-advanced-5.6.19-1.el6.x86_64.rpm, the reason is that Redhat comes with the installation of mysql-libs-5.1.66-2.el6_3.x86_64, some files already exist, causing the installation to fail.Workaround: Remove mysql-li

MySQL master-Slave synchronization setup and troubleshooting

structure:One-way replication: Main---fromExtend your AppChained copy:-----fromBidirectional replication: Master Radial replication: From |From5. Principle of implementationOn the master machine, the master-slave synchronization event will be written to a special log file (Binary-log), on the

MySQL Simple master-slave setup and problem solving

mysql Simple master-slave setup and problem solvingThis week, I need to understand how MySQL sets the master-slave relationship because of my job needs, so I started to try this new thi

Quick Setup of mysql master-slave synchronization in centos _ MySQL

How to quickly configure mysql master-slave synchronization in centos installation environment Centos 1, 5.4 Mysql 5.1.xx is directly installed using rpm Xtrabackup 1.2.22 directly installed with rpm 1. Master:/etc/my. cnf [Mysqld] server-id = 1 log-bin innodb_f

Mysql 5.7 docker master-slave replication architecture setup, mysqldocker

Mysql 5.7 docker master-slave replication architecture setup, mysqldockerEnvironment version: MySQL: 5.7.13Docker: 1.11.2CentOS: 7.11. install two MySQL instances on two physical machines. The command is as follows:Docker pull

MySQL master and slave replication setup (using Mysqld_muti)

thread:connected to master ' [email protected]:3307 ', replication started in log ' Mysql-bi n.000006 ' at position 316 Note: All data from the stop period is re-added from the library at the point in time. 6. Perform exception testing:Stop replication from libraries mysql3308 and mysql3309, and log cleanup for the main library: Flush logsDelete from Sky where id= ' 2000 ';Purge binary logs to

MySQL 5.5 Master-Slave synchronization Setup Tutorial

Tags: style blog color io os using AR for fileModify Master First ( is configured in the MY.CNF[mysqld]The following additions are added to theLog-Bin=Mysql-binLog-Bin-Index=Mysql-Bin.IndexServer-Id= 1Sync_binlog=1Binlog_format=mixed then specifies the database to be synchronized and ignores the database that does not need to be synchronized Binlog-D

Simple setup of master-slave MySQL

Simple setup of MySQL master-slave architecture ---- slaveslave ---- master1. Configure on master128 Simple construction of MySQL master-slave for

MySQL master-Slave Library setup (original)

library.Execute the Stop slave io_thread;show processlist\g from the library, until you see the have read all relay log, indicating that the import is complete from the library.mysql> stop slave Io_thread;Mysql> Show Processlist\g5.3 New Main Library operations 新主库的检查? In the data directory of the new host, delete the, two file

MySQL master-slave synchronization setup

MySQL master-slave synchronization build master database: IP: edit etcmy. cnf file open log-binvimetcmy.cnflog-binapplicationmysqld MySQL master-slave synchronization bui

Simple setup of master-slave MySQL

Simple setup of master-slave MySQL "====" ---- slaveSlave ---- master1. Configure the my. cnf file on the master 128 and add the following parameters:Server-id = 1Log-bin = mysql-binLog-salve-

MySQL master-slave environment setup

:86400Master_bind:Last_io_error_timestamp:Last_sql_error_timestamp:MASTER_SSL_CRL:Master_ssl_crlpath:Retrieved_gtid_set:Executed_gtid_set:auto_position:0replicate_rewrite_db:Channel_name:Master_tls_version:1 row in Set (0.00 sec)The user is given permission by mistake, so the user is deletedmysql> drop user [email protected] '% ';7, two node verificationMaster node Configuration verification:mysql> CREATE DATABASE ceshi_db;Query OK, 1 row Affected (0.00 sec)

CentOS 6.5 setup MySQL master-slave synchronization process record

Label:The MySQL master and slave feature is set on CentOS 6.5 and recorded. Server 1 (primary)ip: version: CentOS 6.5MySQL version: MySQL 5.5 Server 2 (from)ip: version: CentOS 6.5MySQL version: MySQL 5.5 The system version and

MySQL master-slave environment setup configuration

=start= Reason: Work needs, learning needs. Body: MySQL Master and slave architecture: By a MySQL instance as the main library, accept read and write requests, another one or more MySQL instances through the MySQL replication

Introduction of MySQL Master and slave setup method

Master MySQL Settings 1, edit the main MySQL server MySQL configuration file my.cnf, under [mysqld] Add the following parameters: Log-bin=mysql-bin//open MySQL binary log Server-id=1//server ID cannot be duplicated BINLOG-DO-D

Mysql Master-Slave synchronization Quick Setup method _mysql

Installation Environment CentOS 5.4 MySQL 5.1.xx with rpm direct installation Xtrabackup 1.2.22 with RPM direct installation Copy Code code as follows: [Mysqld] Server-id = 1 Log-bin Innodb_flush_log_at_trx_commit=1 Sync_binlog=1 Datadir=/var/lib/mysql Character-set-server=utf8 init_connect= ' SET NAMES UTF8 ' Set the default character set for UTF8, you can choose this

MySQL master-slave replication Environment setup

|binlog_do_db |binlog_ignore_db |+------------------+----------+--------------+------------------+|mysql-bin.000002 |106 |TestDB | |+------------------+----------+--------------+------------------+2. From my.cnf file ( module JoinLog-bin=mysql-bin starting a binary fileserver-id=2 Server IDEnter Mysqlchange master to master_host= '

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