mysql on duplicate key nothing

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MySQL Common command Usage Summary script home finishing version _mysql

first, start and exit 1, into MySQL: Start the MySQL Command line Client (MySQL's DOS interface), directly enter the installation of the password can be. The prompt at this point is:mysql> 2, Exit Mysql:quit or exit Second, the library operation1.

Use MySQL full record under Cmd&linux

PHP MySQL database common cmd command setshow databases; Display DatabaseCreate database name; Create a databaseUse DatabaseName; Select DatabaseDrop database name deletes databases directly and does not alertShow tables; Show TableDescribe

Mysql common operation and command _mysql under Windows platform

1. Export the entire database Mysqldump-u user name-p--default-character-set=latin1 Database name > exported file name (database default encoding is latin1) Mysqldump-u wcnc-p SMGP_APPS_WCNC > Wcnc.sql 2. Export a table Mysqldump-u user name-P

InnoDB self-Increment column duplicate value problem

1 InnoDB The problem of duplicate values in the self-increment columnStart with the problem and reproduce the bugUse Test;drop table t1;create table T1 (ID int. auto_increment, a int, primary key (ID)) Engine=innodb;insert into T1 values INSERT into

MySQL common command set MySQL common commands 5

Nine. Cross-queryA cross-query can calculate the sum, average, count, or other sum of the data, which is calculated byTwo kinds of information are grouped: one appears on the left side of the table and the other appears at the top of the

MySQL FAQ collection

First you should try to find out whether the mysqld daemon is dead or whether your problem is related to your customer. You can use Mysqladmin version to check how long your MYSQLD server has been performing properly, and if Mysqld is dead, you can

Best practices for MySQL database optimization in China Mobile

Original2016-08-12 Even Zhang Dbaplus community This article according to the Dbaplus community 69th period of the line to share organized, at the end of the book to send Oh ~Instructor Introductioneven ZhangData Development Engineer

"Exception handling" for MySQL stored procedures

Q: What is an exception?A: The program may go wrong during execution and the run-time error is called an exception.By default, when a stored procedure runs out of error, the procedure terminates immediately and the system error message is

A detailed introduction of _php based on MySQL partitioning performance example

One, Zoning Concepts   partitions allow multiple portions of a single table to be allocated across the file system according to the specified rules. Different parts of the table are stored as separate tables in different places. MySQL has been

Detailed usage of the MySQL database insert, UPDATE, delete, and replace statements

This article is a MySQL database insert, UPDATE, delete and replace statements in the use of detailed analysis of the introduction, the need for friends to refer to the MySQL database insert and UPDATE statements Introduction: The SQL used to

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