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Pl/SQL, dba-ebs common-mysql tutorial

Including: check the running SQL statement, the session tablespace in a service to manage the currently active user information in the lock status database .... These codes are well written by dbadmin as an American DBA. in googldecode,

SQL INNER JOIN Usage Resolution

When there is at least one match in the table, the INNER JOIN keyword returns a row. INNER JOIN keyword syntaxSelect COLUMN_NAME (s)From table_name1INNER JOIN Table_name2On Table_name1.column_name=table_name2.column_nameNote: The inner join is the

Full backup and Incremental Backup policies for mysql Database Backup Recovery

Mysql tutorial database tutorial Backup Recovery full backup and Incremental backup policy Backup policy 1: directly copy database files (not recommended)Backup policy 2: Use mysqlhotcopy to back up the database (full backup, suitable for backup of

SQL statements that are completely replicated between MySQL SQL two sheets

In MySql4.0.12, with the "CREATE TABLE Bak_name as SELECT * from Original_name" statement , the generated Bak table does not have a primary key and the index, the use of the time to pay attention to. You can build a table structure that you want to

Mysql is null usage

Mysql tutorial is null usage Note that in mysql, 0 or null means false while other values mean true. The default true value of Boolean operations is 1. The special processing of null is in the previous chapter. To determine which animal is no longer

Mysql SQL statements that are completely copied between two tables

In MySql4.0.12, after using the "create table bak_name as select * from original_name" statement The generated bak table does not have a primary key and an index. When using it, you must note that you can first create one and the table structure to

MySQL is null usage

MySQL tutorial is null usage Note that in MySQL, 0 or null means false and other values mean true. The default truth value of a Boolean operation is 1. The special handling of NULL is in the previous section, in order to determine which animal is

Installation Tutorials for Integrating Linux, Apache, PHP4, FastCGI, Oracle, and MySQL environments

I. PreparationsTo integrate the Linux/Apache/PHP4/FastCGI/Oracle/MySQL environment, you must first prepare the following software packages:(1) Perl interface for database tutorials1. perl5 Oracle DBI Driver: DBD-Oracle-1.03.tar.gz2. perl5 universal

Create efficient SQL notes in mass data-mysql tutorial

Dr. Zheng Wei gave a lecture on how to create efficient SQL notes in mass data, and gained a lot. I used to write some simple SQL statements and thought that SQL is just a simple command. In fact, SQL is very promising. SQL is an important aspect

Win2000+apache+mysql+php4+perl Installation Use summary _php tutorial

Windows 2000+apache+mysql+php3+php4+perl Installation Usage Summary Www. 2002-9-3 1000script Pro Script Windows 2000+apache+mysql+php3+php4+perl Installation Usage summary (i) There must be a lot of friends here who like to try new

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