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Use the query analyzer to adjust the SQL Server script _ MySQL

I like to think of the tools bundled with SQL servers as inverted pyramid. tools for diagnosing and checking general problems are at the top, and tools for finding and diagnosing specific areas of problems are at the bottom. In addition to providing

Mysql -- execution plan introduction _ MySQL

Mysql-execution plan introduction 1. Preface As a programmer, it is inevitable to deal with databases. In general, we are not DBA, but we have to write a lot of SQL, so SQL efficiency has become a big problem. In addition to mastering certain

MySQL Enterprise major update add query analysis tool

BKJIA comprehensive report] Sun announced a major version update for the MySQL Enterprise subscription service. Sun has added a Query and analysis tool MySQL Query Analyzer for the MySQL Enterprise Edition to help track and analyze problem codes,

Command methods for accelerating MySQL SQL statement optimization

IntroductionOptimizing SQL is a common task of DBA. How to optimize a statement efficiently and quickly is a common problem for every DBA. In my daily optimization work, I found that many operations are essential in the optimization process. However,

Remember once through Memory analyzer analysis of memory leak resolution process

Status Description:Recently the new version of the project, not long before the project will be dead. Condition is in a state of suspended animation. Index query is very slow, almost no operation, slowly stuck to death.Then, when we make the release,

MySQL query slow causes and solutions

The reasons for the slow query are many, and the following are common:1, no index or no index (this is the most common problem of slow query, is the defect of program design)2, I/O throughput is small, forming a bottleneck effect.3. No computed

MySQL Optimization--Bosenry let's talk about the two features of MySQL memory and I/O.First, MySQL Memory Features:1. There is also global memory and memory per session (each session is similar to Oracle's SGA and PGA), but

MySQL optimized "Go"

Recently listened to Bosenry teacher's MySQL optimization Open class, this is my notes.Now let's talk about the two features of MySQL memory and I/O.First, MySQL Memory Features:1. There is also global memory and memory per session (each session is

Database in-depth learning notes

-------------------------------------------Split Line------------------------------------------- Database in-depth learning note-sql execution engine Here are a few questions to start today's discussion: 1, what is the SQL engine. 2, what is SQL

01-mysql Architecture and Storage engine

MySQL is designed as a portable database that can run on almost all of the current systems. Although the platforms differ in the underlying implementations, MySQL basically guarantees the consistency of the physical architecture on each platform.1.

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