mysql rebuild index innodb

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MyISAM and InnoDB summary of MySQL storage engine

Difference MyISAM InnoDB The difference in composition: Each myisam is stored as three files on disk. The first file name begins with the name of the table, and the extension indicates the file type.The. frm file stores

MySQL storage engine InnoDB and MyISAM

Six major differences between InnoDB and MyISAM InnoDB with the Myisam The six major differences myisam innodb Composition differences: Each MyISAM is stored on disk as three

MYSQL-MY-INNODB-HEAVY-4G.CNF configuration file annotations

mysql-As with Nginx and other features of multi-instance, it is simple to open a server on a number of different service ports (3306,3307) simultaneously run multiple MySQL service processes, these service processes through different sockets

Principles and optimization of database Indexing __ Index

This article mainly originates from the Internet mainstream article, just according to the individual understanding slightly makes the integration, behind has the reference link. I. Summary This paper takes the MySQL database as the research object

Mysql does not support InnoDB solutions _mysql

After G, the solution is as follows: /var/lib/mysql directory, delete ibdata1, Ib_logfile1, IB_LOGFILE0, and then restart MySQL to rebuild the files above: Mysqladmin-uroot-p shutdown sudo mysqld_safe & Get! The following are other articles on the

B + Tree index algorithm for INNODB storage engine

About the B + Tree data structure The ①INNODB storage engine supports two common indexes.One is a B + tree and one is a hash.B + in the tree is not binary (binary), but balance (balance), since the B + tree was originally evolved from a balanced

MySQL my.cnf parameter Configuration optimization detailed[b] PS: This profile is for Dell R710, dual Xeon E5620, 16G memory hardware configuration. CentOS 5.6 64-bit system, MySQL 5.5.x stable version. For sites with daily IP 50-100W,PV 100-300w, use the InnoDB storage

InnoDB Key features of the InnoDB storage engine

1. Insert BufferA.insert BufferIt makes sense to listen to a name. The insert buffer is part of the buffer pool. It's not like that. The InnoDB buffer pool has insert buffer information, but insert buffer is a part of the physical page as well as

MySQL InnoDB Multi-Versioning Original translation

I have nothing to do with MVCC. I have read a bunch of Chinese on the Internet, and each statement is different. I searched on google and found that there is a description in the MySQL User Guide. I 'd like to translate the original text for

Schema optimization and indexing-high-performance indexing strategy

Preface Creating the right indexes and using them correctly is the key to getting good query performance. We've covered different kinds of indexes and explored their pros and cons. Now let's look at how to use powerful indexes in depth. There are

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