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Understanding of Utf-8,utf8 (UTF8), set names GBK in Php+mysql

Problem one: When we do the database operation, we will find that the table in the database is encoded with UTF-8, but the DOS command is to use set names GBK(a) The default character set in MySQL is four levels: server level, database level, table

"Go" MySQL use NAMES ' UTF8 '

First of all, the MySQL character set problem. Windows can be modified by modifying the My.ini in the # CLIENT Section [MySQL] Default-character-set=utf8 # SERVER Section [Mysqld] Default-character-set=utf8 These

In order for your Web page to display properly on more servers, add "SET NAMES UTF8".

repinted: order for your Web page to display properly on more servers, add "SET NAMES UTF8". (You can choose the appropriate encoding according to your preference, such as gb2312) , even

MySQL set NAMES UTF8 detailed (garbled principle)

 Not much, first.Analysis:Set names UTF8 before theCharacter_set_client | Gbkcharacter_set_connection| GbkCharacter_set_results | GbkSet names UTF8 later,Character_set_client | Utf8character_set_connection| Utf8Character_set_results | Utf8about

Set names utf8 internal execution Principle

We often use the"Set names utf8", Why is this sentence added?CodeCan this be solved? Next, let's dive into the internal execution principle of set names utf8. Let's talk about the character set of MySQL. In Windows, you can modify PHP code [MySQL]

MySQL database encoding problem 3 (modify the database, table, and field encoding to utf8)

Introduction: This is a detailed page of MySQL database encoding problem 3 (modifying the database, table, and field encoding to utf8). It introduces the related knowledge, skills, and experience of PHP, and some PHP source code. Class = 'pingjiaf'

MySQL use UTF8 Chinese garbled solution

Recently, I am doing a project deployment, this project is nginx for the front-end agent two Tomcat node, through the Mysql-proxy proxy access to two master-slave MySQL database.The entire project was deployed, tested and found to be garbled in

Mysql statement: set names UTF8

Mysql statement: set names UTF8 has always known only mysql_query ("set names UTF8"); it sets the database encoding, but it has never been clear what "set names UTF8" is. It is not until today that the set names... is a mysql statement. I really

MySQL Character set

One, character set and validation rulesA character set is a set of conformance and encoding, a set of rules that are used to compare characters within a character set, that is, the collation of a character set. MySQL can use the pair of character

MySQL Character set GBK, GB2312, UTF8 to solve the problem of MySQL Chinese garbled _mysql

several character sets involved in MySQL Character-set-server/default-character-set: Server character set, by default. Character-set-database: Database character set. Character-set-table: Database table character Set. Priority increases in order.

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