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[Go] "MySQL monitor" view MySQL library size, table size, index size

This article transferred from: the size of all libraries mysql> use information_schema;database changedmysql> select concat (Round (sum (data_length/1024/1024), 2 ), ' MB ') as data  from

MySQL Fifth study notes the operation of the data table

MySQL creates a table and creates a . frm file to save the table and column definitions. The index is stored in one . MYI (Myindex) and the data is stored in the . MYD (MYData) file extension. First, using Show/describe statement to display the data

MySQL show variables like xxx detailed

1. View MySQL server configuration informationMysql> Show variables;2. View the various status values running on the MySQL serverMysql> show global status;3, slow query1. mysql> show variables like ‘%slow%‘; 2. +------------------+-------+ 3. |

MySQL study Note 5 related data table operations

When creating a table, MySQL creates a. frm file to save the table and column definitions. Indexes are stored in a file with the. MYI (MYindex) Extension and data is stored in a file with the. MYD (MYData) extension. 1. Use the SHOW/DESCRIBE

Mysql show table status method for obtaining table information, mysqlstatus

Mysql show table status method for obtaining table information, mysqlstatus Usage mysql>show table status;mysql>show table status like 'esf_seller_history'\G;mysql>show table status like 'esf_%'\G; Example: mysql>show table status like

MySQL status analysis show global status

mysql> show global status; Can list MySQL server running various status values, my personal preferred usage is show status like ' query value% '; One, slow query mysql> show variables like '%slow% '; +------------------+-------+ | variable_name

51 Lessons (Set change root password, connect MySQL, MySQL common commands)

Set Change root passwordNote: How to change the root password, about the root user is the MySQL Super administrator user, it is similar to the root user inside the Linux operating system, to distinguish between the root of MySQL and the system root

MySQL database server configuration method on CentOS _ MySQL

How to configure MySQL database server on CentOS accidentally found CentOS Professional Forum, remember: As a result, the initial learning configuration This environment: CentOS system, Mysql-server (version

MySQL Course Design: MySQL cluster research and implementation

Henan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Course Design Report of MySQL Database Management  Title: Research and Implementation of MySQL Clusters       Completion date:2012January 1, December 31   Contents 1. Course Design overview 3 2. research

Mysql DBA Advanced Operations Learning Note-mysql log files in the database

1.MySQL Engine Overview 1.1 What is a storage engineWhen we record a video file, it can be converted to different formats such as mp4,avi,wmv, and on the computer's disk will also exist in different types of file system Windows common Ntfs,fat32,

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