mysql storage engine comparison

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Original address: IntroductionThe storage engine refers to the type of the table. The storage engine of the database determines how the table is stored on the computer. The concept of the storage

Turn!! Storage engine explained in MySQL (Innodb,myisam,memory and other storage engine comparison)

The storage engine in MySQL:1, the concept of storage engine2. View the storage engines supported by MySQL3. Features of several common storage engines in MySQL4. Mutual transformation between storage enginesFirst, the storage engine:1, storage

Basic knowledge of MySQL storage engine and basic knowledge of mysql Engine

Basic knowledge of MySQL storage engine and basic knowledge of mysql Engine We mentioned MySQL transactions in previous articles. Now everyone should know about MySQL transactions. Do you still remember the ACID principles of transactions? If you do

In-depth explanation of MySQL storage engine comparison _ MySQL

In-depth explanation of MySQL storage engine comparison bitsCN. comMyISAM is the default storage engine of MySQL. MyISAM does not support transactions or foreign keys, but it has fast access speed and has no requirements on transaction

MySQL Storage Engine

Objective Unlike most databases, MySQL has the concept of a storage engine that can choose the optimal storage engine for different storage requirements. 1. MySQL Storage Engine Overview Plug-in storage engine is one of the

MySQL: Storage Engine Introduction

Preface, what is the storage engineTable ===> files created in the Library ===> folder library in MySQLThere are different types of files that we use to store data in real life, and each file type corresponds to a different processing mechanism: For

MySQL database each storage engine comparison

one of the most important features of the MySQL database that distinguishes it from other databases is its plug-in table storage engine , which is table-based rather than databaseInnoDB Storage Engine: support transactions, which are designed

MySQL storage engine comparison

MySQL's common storage engines are MyISAM, InnoDB, MEMORY, and MERGE. InnoDB provides transaction security tables, and other storage engines are non-transaction security tables. MyISAM is the default storage engine of MySQL. MyISAM does not support

MySQL Storage engine comparison

MySQL, as an open source free database, is often used in regular projects, while our focus in the project is generally designed to use the database rather than MySQL itself, so when it comes to MySQL's storage engine, it is not generally known, This

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