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Database trigger details _ MySQL

Database trigger details bitsCN. com1 introduction Like the stored procedure, Mysql triggers are embedded into a mysql program. The trigger is a new function of mysql5. Currently, the online Fengchao system, Beidou system, and Columbus system use

Database trigger details

1 Introduction Like the stored procedure, Mysql triggers are embedded into a mysql program. The trigger is a new function of mysql5. Currently, the online fengchao system, Beidou system, and Columbus system use the database of mysql5.0.45. Many

Mysql trigger example

Why use a trigger? Advantages of triggers 1. Trigger's "automatic"For programmers, the trigger is invisible, but he does. If no trigger is needed, when you update the name field of the user table, you need to write code to update redundant fields in

MySQL5.0-trigger (reference) _ MySQL

ConventionsandStyles convention and programming style every time I want to demonstrate the actual code, I will adjust the code displayed on the screen of the mysql client and change the font to Courier, make them look different from common text (let


1. TRIGGER introduction trigger is a mysql TRIGGER. When a trigger is created, it monitors specific events. When a TRIGGER is triggered, an object is activated to process trigger_stmt, that is, the statement to be executed. For example, when you add

MySQL Trigger Trigger

Trigger (Trigger): Monitors a situation and triggers an action.Show triggers;          View all triggers drop trigger triggername; Delete TriggerTrigger creation syntax four elements:1. Monitoring Location (table)2. Monitoring Events

MySQL Trigger (trigger)

One, the advantages of the trigger1, the " automatic " of the triggerTo the programmer, the trigger is not visible, but he did do things, if you do not use a trigger, you update the user table name field, you also write code to update other tables

MySQL optimization--Trigger

Reprint Please specify source: trigger is a special stored procedure, in which the stored procedure is called with call, and the trigger does not need to use the callingIt does not need to

MySQL Trigger usage explained

Lin Bingwen Evankaka Original works. Reprint please specify the source Http:// trigger (TRIGGER) is an action triggered by an event. These events include INSERT statements, UPDATE statements, and DELETE statements. When the

MySQL Trigger trigger detailed

In order to dream, strive hard! The pursuit of excellence, success will inadvertently catch up with you mysql trigger triggerTrigger (Trigger): Monitors a situation and triggers an action.Trigger creation Syntax four elements: 1. Monitoring location

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