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Redis as a cache server for MySQL (read/write separation, data synchronization via MySQL triggers)

I. Introduction of RedisRedis is a key-value storage system. Similar to memcached, data is cached in memory in order to ensure efficiency. The difference is that Redis periodically writes the updated data to disk or writes the modified operation to

MySQL performance tuning and Architecture design--13th: The MySQL Replication of extensible design

13th. The extensible design of MySQL ReplicationObjective:MySQL Replication is a very distinctive feature of MySQL, and he is able to copy the data from one MySQL server Instance to the Instance of another MySQL server. Although the replication

Use keepalived to build a high-availability MySQL-HA_MySQL

This article describes how to use keepalived to build highly available MySQL-HA to ensure data consistency between the two MySQL instances. then, keepalived is used to implement virtual IP addresses and automatic switch during MySQL fault is

[Zabbix] How to Implement email alarm notification and free SMS alarm notification

Prerequisites: (1) The zabbix server has been successfully installed and run. (2) The zabbix client has been successfully created and runs. 1. Download and install msmtp Software WgetHttp://

Mysql Server Master master configuration

DirectoryPrinciple 1Master-Slave Synchronization configuration 2Master server Synchronization User Authorization 2Configuring MY.CNF files for MySQL master server 3Standby configuration: 4Common commands: 5Dual master Configuration my.cnf

Use keepalived to build highly available MySQL-HA

Use keepalived to build highly available MySQL-HA   This article describes how to use keepalived to build highly available MySQL-HA to ensure data consistency between the two MySQL instances. Then, keepalived is used to implement virtual IP

Can a MySQL trigger call a PHP function?

A MySQL trigger or a stored procedure can call a PHP function. If there should be write I have a feature user after the AAP send message insert I want to send a message with a trigger reply Because our web site data sources have app-side and

MySQL operation and Maintenance tool artifact Summary

These tools may have been used, especially the system administrator or Linux Server maintenance students may know these gadgets, there will be a little more, in addition to the system monitoring gadgets, including some MySQL tools, and even in-depth

MySQL 5.7 Semi-synchronous replication technology

I. Replication architecture derivative historyBefore we talk about this feature, let's take a look at MySQL's replication architecture derivation history.In 2000, the MySQL 3.23.15 version introduced the replication. As a quasi-real-time

Zabbix implementation of MySQL database monitoring (iv)

The previous content is to use the third-party developed plug-in for MySQL monitoring, there may be some of our concern about the monitoring content is not in it, then a common method is to define our own script and integrate it into the Zabbix, so

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