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Monitors the script of the MySQL process, restarts if the fault occurs, and sends an Email notification if the MySQL process cannot be started.

I have contributed a script to monitor the MYSQL process. I hope it will be helpful to you. Function: Monitors the MYSQL process and restarts upon failure. If the MYSQL process fails to be started, an Email notification is sent. The Code is as

Monitor the MySQL process script, the failure is restarted, if unable to start the email notification

Function: Monitor the MySQL process, the failure is restarted, if unable to start the email notification The code is as follows: The code is as follows Copy Code #!/bin/bash#/usr/bin/nmap localhost | grep 3306#lsof-i:33

Beginner Springboot One

Learn the time reference of this tutorial, ------------------------------Several

Com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException:Auth fail

Background Server information:Server a: b: need to transfer files from server A to Server B via SFTP. Application project has a function, to pass the SFTP log file transfer, at the time of deployment,

A detailed description of the grep command under Linux

Parameters : -A or--text : Do not omit binary data. -a or--after-context= : In addition to displaying the column that conforms to the template style, the contents after that line are displayed. - B or--byte-offset : Indicates the number of

ACTIVEMQ the configuration host is having problems

Add configuration information in the/etc/hosts/directory of Linux[ --Ten- + -: -: +][warn][org.apache.activemq.util.idgenerator: -] could not generate unique or service not known At

Linux shell Scripting--Using structured commands (iv)

Command-line argumentsThe most basic way to pass data to a shell script is to use command-line arguments, which allow you to add data values to the command line when you run the scriptReading parametersBash Shell assigns some special variables

"We learn python together"-string manipulation

Here is a list of some of the operation of the string, convenient for later use when the query.1.capitalizePrint ("My name is Galen". Capitalize ()) #首字母大写My name is Galen2.centerPrint ("My name is Galen". Center (30, "-")) #字符串居中显示30个字节, the other

Springcloud Micro-Service Feign component error

Today when using Springcloud to build a micro-service, using feign to do communication components, the results of errorjava.lang.IllegalStateException:Failed to Introspect Class [

Cluster Monitoring-IPMI operation guide

Http:// The intelligent platform management interface (IPMI) is an industrial standard used to manage peripheral devices in an Intel-based enterprise-level system, you can use IPMI to monitor the

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