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Nagios Monitoring System under Solaris

Nagios Monitoring System under Solaris The article will introduce the installation process of Nagios in Solaris10, including the compilation and installation of source code; Apache installation, Nagios CGI configuration; Nagios monitoring configuration and so on. The

Talking about the SVM of Solaris with a nagios alarm

Today's OPS, most of the Linux LVM, estimated that few people understand the Solaris SVM. N years ago, in the Linux x86 has not been male, in fact, Aix/hp/sun three mainframe giants have their own set of storage management mechanisms and software, of which Sun is SVM. In addition to their own dedicated storage management software, there are third-party commercial storage management software, such as Veritas, can also be used to manage

Installation and configuration of Nagios monitoring linux+windows under Linux

://[Root@nagios-server src]# tar zxvf nagios-plugins-1.5.tar.gz[Root@nagios-server src]# CD nagios-plugins-1.5[Root@nagios-server

Mud: Learning Nagios (2): Nagios configuration, mud nagios

of nagios monitoring, which includes the following objects: Website monitoring, mainstream database monitoring, Protocol Monitoring, operating system monitoring, application monitoring, Application Server monitoring, network monitoring, dynamic environment monitoring, storage monitoring, mail monitoring, security monitoring, log monitoring, virtualization monitoring. Website monitoring mainly includes websites, website applications, website content

Slime: Learning Nagios (ii): Nagios configuration

This article consists of Su Yi Lin Feng provide sponsorship, starting in Slime Line the world Once the Nagios installation is complete, we'll configure Nagios now. For Nagios installation, refer to the article "Slime: Learning Nagios (i): Nagios installation". Description: T

Cacti+nagios Application (ii) integration of CACTI and Nagios installation deployment

Nagios Introduction Nagios is an Open-source application used to monitor systems and networks, typically running on a master server running Liunx or Unix operating systems. Nagios uses its numerous plug-ins to realize the monitoring of the local and remote service, when the object of the monitor is abnormal, Nagios wi

Real-Life Nagios NSCA mode monitoring of Linux system Resource Usage--nagios configuration--Nagios server side

There have been a lot of good summaries about Nrpe's way online, and I'm now talking about how we use NSCA to get the resource usage information for the monitored nodes we need in our system.Let's talk about the basic configuration of the Nagios server side:1. Nagios Web GUI access configuration, the system is using the recommended configuration in Nagios core, a

How to Set/etc/init. d/nagios checkconfig and/usr/local/nagios/bin/nagios, nagioscheckconfig

How to Set/etc/init. d/nagios checkconfig and/usr/local/nagios/bin/nagios, nagioscheckconfig How to output the same results for/etc/init. d/nagios checkconfig and/usr/local/nagios/bin/nagios-v/usr/local/

Security 04:nagios monitoring combat, monitoring overview, Nagios monitoring Services

monitor: Shell pythonSetting up a monitoring server: monitor the specified hostNagios Cacti Zabbix++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Prepare a new server for monitoring server: Configuration requirements:#setenforce 0#systemctl Stop Firewalld; Systemctl Disable FIREWALLD;#配置本地yum源#ip地址 Build Nagios Monitoring ServerI. Deploying the Nagios Service

Nagios: Installing nagios

Nagios: Installing nagios I. Preparations before installation (1) Create nagios users and user groups[Root @ localhost ~] # Useradd-s/sbin/nologin nagios[Root @ localhost ~] # Mkdir/usr/local/nagios[Root @ localhost ~] # Chown-R nagios

Configure the basic Nagios System on RHEL5.3 (using Nagios-3.1.2)

1. install and configure Nagios1 and Nagios is an open-source network monitoring software that complies with GPLv2 and can be used to monitor hosts and services of a specified variety of systems, you can also notify the Administrator when their working status changes. Its features include: 1) Monitoring Network Services (HTTP, POP3, SMTP, PING, MySQL, etc.) 2) monitoring host resources (disk space utilization, memory utilization, CPU load, etc) 3) Sim

Install the nagios framework and the nagios framework

Install the nagios framework and the nagios framework 1. Add CGI support for Perl to Nginx1. Install the FCGI Module wget FCGI-0.73.tar.gztar xvzf FCGI-0.73.tar.gzcd FCGI-0.73perl Makefile.PLmakemake installcd .. 2. Install the FCGI-ProcManager Module wget

Rotten mud: nagios Learning (4): pnp4nagios graphical drawing of nagios data, pnp4nagiosnagios

Rotten mud: nagios Learning (4): pnp4nagios graphical drawing of nagios data, pnp4nagiosnagios This document consistsXiuyi Lin FengProviding friendship sponsorship, first launchedThe world After nagios is installed, we also add some monitoring objects, but you will find that nagios is just a simple method to list thos

How to configure the XSCF for Nagios Monitoring Sun (Fujitsu) MX000 series servers

Configuration Environment Description address operating system IP address (Nagios client) server-side Check_ the execution script of the XSCF and places it on the Nagios client. check_xscf.cfg-checks the XSCF configuration file, which is u

O & M monitoring Nagios serialization 3: deploying and configuring the Nagios Service

Article Title: O M monitoring Nagios serialization 3: deploying and configuring the Nagios service. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. Source: it168Author: Tian Yi ( As the saying goes: to do good things, you must first sharpen your tools. to m

O & M monitoring Nagios serialization 3: deploying and configuring the Nagios Service (1)

As the saying goes: to do good things, you must first sharpen your tools. to make system management easier and more effective, a good monitoring tool is essential. here, I recommend nagios, an open-source monitoring tool that has been used for more than four years and is powerful and customizable. O M monitoring Nagios serialization 1: self-monitoring implementation of

Nagios+centreon Summary of the first chapter--nagios+centreon introduction

Nagios+centreon Introduction 1. Centreon is an open source it monitoring software developed by the French in 2003, originally named Oreon, and formally renamed Centreon in 2005. 2. Centreon can simply manage and configure Nagios, which is simpler and more straightforward than nagiosql. 3. Cooperation Process: ①, Nagios writes the monitoring data to the databa

Building a monitoring system based on Nagios -- installing Nagios Core

Building a monitoring system based on Nagios -- installing Nagios Core Using Nagios to build the monitoring system of this department, I have only seen this guy's name several times before. This is a real start, and now I have successfully built a test environment, monitored three machines, including the local machine, a Linux server, and a Windows Server, and re

Cacti+nagios Monitoring System (IV): CACTI integrated Nagios

First, the principleintegrating cacti and Nagios is a plugin of cacti, nagios for cacti, which works by importing Nagios data through ndo2db into the MySQL database (the cacti library). Then cacti reads the database information and displays the results of Nagios. Second, cacti expansion moduleCacti extension modules ne

Nagios installation and configuration in Linux

The company needs to build a monitoring platform in the near future, the main purpose is to realize the Server service or load abnormal timely alarm function, after the choice finally decided to use Nagios implementationInstall Nagios Core The code is as follows Copy Code Yum-y install gcc glibc glibc-common gd gd-devel php openssl-devel httpdUseradd-m

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