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Advice to middle-aged engineers

Reprinted from: The first few articles have turned to a series of articles titled "Ten Tips for young engineers. Now I want to give advice to middle-aged engineers for your reference !!! [Switch] after more than a decade of engineering experience, the fate of Middle-a

Middle-aged to do four-point elimination

People to middle age, the body's parts began to "tide", is "dangerous" "troubled". Therefore, people to middle age should keep healthy, in order to prevent some common diseases, in addition to pay attention to daily diet, but also should abstain from some bad habits.  quit being lazy. people to middle age, unconsciously feel two legs heavy, easy to fatigue, so do

Middle-aged workplace crisis that cannot be ignored

In my customer base, a 40-year-old middle-level manager often asks me how I can maintain my competitiveness after I am 45, or how I can collapse my business, can you find a new job? However, they often worry that their abilities and energy cannot compete with young people. Once their experience can be replaced, they lose the ability to compete. Now I have a salary of 10 thousands or 20 thousands in a month, but I am confused about the future. The

Occupy the pit, the holiday repair [cell phone commonly used operation to my dear middle-aged friends]

Perhaps when I have not yet had the memory, Daddy is using the computer;However, people to middle age but can't keep up with the times, taught many times how to operate the mobile phone, or will forget ....Before, are constantly blaming, I feel as if I did wrong: if I do not teach them, it seems that no one will give them ...The following detailed tutorial, if you also have ..., please share to your loved ones.= = =, with detailed operating arrows ===

"Plainly to see the teeth": a group of young and middle-aged doctors in the Peking University Stomatological Hospital wrote about the health and treatment of dental science, five-star recommendation

The author of this book is a group of young doctors at Peking University Stomatological Hospital. Relates to the care and treatment of teeth. The authors face the patient every day, and are more aware of what the general public cares most about dental knowledge.In view of the authority of the institutions to which the authors are employed, I believe this book more than I do.The book about the health of teeth, related to the physiological structure of teeth, how to brush teeth, choose toothpaste,

[Novel serialization] Zhang Xiaoqing, on the road (28)-middle-aged crisis

. After a while, he finally thought that it was still a problem of his own. To do a good job, he had to constantly learn and think about it, it's really bad. If I was a manager, it would be quite unpleasant. But what can I do now? How can this problem be solved? Why is it like this? Why? He asked himself that he could not find the answer. Suddenly, he remembered that when he first wrote a blog, he liked to answer all the questions. He said this in a comment. You used it very carefully. I used to

Photoshop shaves and rubs skin for middle-aged women

The tutorial introduces the methods of young middle-aged women handling. The focus of the operation is to use the liquefaction tools to shave the characters, when the repair to take into account the character of the face after aging natural changes. Then reverse-phase operation. Face changes, then the appropriate grinding and noise reduction processing can be. Original Final effect 1

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