name server vs dns

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Start with SQL Server 0 AlwaysOn first (AD domain vs. dns)

As business grows, companies need to improve their data security and performance needs, so they need to pre-research new technologies (first mining pits), and do technical accumulation:Learn about AlwaysOn failover Clustering (hot standby), data

CentOS 6.4 LVS Server Load balancer VS/NAT mechanism (one master and one slave provide redundancy)

I. LVS principles 1. The full name of LVS is Linux Virtual Server, that is, Linux Virtual Server. It is an open-source project of Dr. Zhang Wenyu from our country. In linux memory 2.6, it has become a part of the kernel. in earlier versions, the


Original address: that a lot of friends will be some of these nouns around some of the head, many friends think that smart DNS with two-line acceleration, CDN acceleration is similar technology. In

LVS: Three load balancing modes compared with three load balancing modes

What is LVS??? Let's start with a brief introduction to LVS (Linux Virtual Server), which is actually a cluster (Cluster) technology that uses IP load balancing technology and content-based request distribution technology. The scheduler has a good

Detailed description of LVS principles and LVS principles

Detailed description of LVS principles and LVS principles 1. What is LVS? A group of servers are connected to each other through a high-speed LAN or geographically distributed WAN, and there is a Load Balancer at their front end ). The load

DNS basic concepts and resource record types for Linux

Dns:domian Name ServiceName resolution, name resolving (behind the query process, database)Fqdnip172.16.0.1 www.magedu.comNsswitch: Provides a platform for name resolution mechanisms and does not provide name resolution functionality by

HTTPS vs. HTTP performance

(Reference: 78911734 52469787 PrefaceHTTPS plays a key role in protecting user privacy and preventing traffic hijacking, but at the same time, HTTPS also reduces user access and increases the computing

Service discovery: Zookeeper vs Etcd vs Consul

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. "Editor's note" This article compares three service discovery tools for zookeeper, ETCD, and Consul, and explores the best solution for service discovery, for

Application of the A10 Server Load balancer device gslb (Inbound Link load balancing) in the Intranet

Not long ago I was in charge of a well-known national manufacturing group's load balancing project. I was deeply touched by the project's application of gslb in a specific environment and learned a lot of related Load Balancing knowledge. Today, let'

Linux server cluster system

Linux server cluster system-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. This article mainly introduces the architecture of the LVS cluster. Firstly, the general architecture of the LVS

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