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Differences in PPT, pptx, pps, and pot formats in PowerPoint

PPT is PowerPoint2003 before the version of the file save format, open to the file directly edit; PPTX is the format of the PowerPoint2007 file when it is saved, and can be edited directly after the file is opened. PPS is a PowerPoint file that is

Server:webgame Service-Side architecture analysis

MMORPG Server Architecture I. Summary 1. Online game MMORPG Overall server framework, including early, mid-term, some current mainstream architectures 2. Network Game Network layer, including network protocol, IO model, network framework, message

Some sort of game architecture design

A large web game server should contain several modules: network communication, business logic, data storage, guardian monitoring (not required), where the business logic may be divided into several sub-modules according to the specific needs. The

A long comparison between Android and iPhone

Preface:Since the iPhone was launched at the beginning of to direct smartphones to the mobile Internet eraOn the other hand, the entire market is currently dominated by iPhone and Android phones (WindowsPhone 7 is not mature yet ). Many new

Jquery's 45 classic plug-in applications

Document directory Jquery sliding door Jquery Image Processing Jquery navigation menu Jquery accordion Effect Jquery Image Browsing Jquery chart Jquery Editor Jquery flash plug-in Jquery Tab Jquery lightbox Jquery grid data plug-in

Tips for using hyperlinks and table of contents slides in WPS Demo

Friends who have used a presentation know that it's often possible to use hyperlinks on the content of a slide to quickly turn to the page you want. The following small series to tell you how to use the WPS demonstration in the command of hyperlinks,

Several ways to _mssql SQL paging query

About the SQL statement pagination, there are a lot of online, I posted a part of it, and summed up their known pagination to the following to facilitate future access 1. Create a test environment (it takes about 5 minutes to insert 1 million data).

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