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Nginx configuration NameCheap free SSL

Nginx configuration NameCheap free SSLI. Installation Requirements 1. Nginx has compiled the ssl module. If not, re-compile the module.2. You have purchased an SSL Certificate (nonsense)Ii. Start Installation 1. Mr. Cheng's own KEY cd /usr/local/nginx/conf/openssl genrsa -out imcat.pem 2048 2. Generate the csr File Openssl req-new-key imcat. pem-out imcat. csrCountry Name (2 letter code) [AU]: CN // enter the country abbreviation State or Province Nam

Steps for using CloudXNS for Namecheap domain name resolution

NameCheap is a foreign domain name registrar. It offers affordable domain name registration and transfer prices and is favored by many friends. If your domain name is registered in Namecheap, by default, the free DNS resolution service provided by Namecheap is used. However, your users are mainly targeting China, and the default DNS is unstable and slow, therefor

Install the Harbor1.4.0 open-source docker image repository (including the letsencrypt certificate) and dockerletsencrypt

Install the Harbor1.4.0 open-source docker image repository (including the letsencrypt certificate) and dockerletsencryptDocument version 20180216Harbor has been successfully installed on Ubuntu Linux 14.04 and CentOS Linux 7.4. The process is organized as follows for your reference: Note: Use a non-root user to operate Docker, create a docker group sudo groupadd docker to add the current USER to the docker group sudo gpasswd-a $ {USER} docker to rest

Use the letsencrypt. sh script in Centos 6.8 to configure a free https certificate for nginx.

Use the letsencrypt. sh script in Centos 6.8 to configure a free https certificate for nginx. 1. Download letsencrypt. sh wget 2. Modify the parameters of the letsencrypt. conf file. # Vi

How to install NameCheap for Free SSL on Nginx

challenge password []: // optionalAn optional company name []: // optional 3. Go to the Namecheap website to enable the SSL certificateGo to the Namecheap website and click Your ssl certificates under My Account in the SSL Certificates menu, as shown in the figure:Namecheap Comodo PositiveSSL 01 install NameCheap Free SSL on NginxSelect an SSL authentication se

Permanent free SSL Security Certificate Letsencrypt installation usage method

SSL Security certificate (in short is to support https://) is the site, especially the business site must be, we buy a VPS also must avoid those who do not have SSL security certificate merchants. Letsencrypt at the beginning of the emergence of a lot of attention, this claim of permanent free SSL certificate, for less than 2 dollars/year, more than hundreds of dollars of commercial products is not a small impact, although the front also has STARTSSL

Oneinstack LNMP Web Site Environment Deployment Namecheap SSL Security certificate

Chiang has just been helping customers to build a new Oneinstack LNMP Web site environment to deploy an SSL certificate, the customer is the purchase of Namecheap paid SSL certificate, paid 9 dollars a year. So, with this article, whether we have the same environmental needs, but the whole process can also be referenced to follow. First, Oneinstack Add/new site The code is as follows Copy Code

Ubuntu Nginx installation Certbot (Letsencrypt)

libpcrecpp0 libssl-dev Zlib1g-devDownload Nginxwget Nginxtar -zxvf nginx-1.13. 0. tar. gzCompiling Nginx./configure--with-http_ssl_moduleMake make installor a custom configuration./configure \--sbin-path=/opt/nginx/nginx \--conf-path=/opt/nginx/nginx.conf \--pid-path=/opt/nginx/ \--with-http_ssl_module \--with-pcre=/usr/local/src/pcre \--with-zlib=/usr/local/src/zlib \--with-openssl=/usr/local/src/opensslMake make installStar

< pro-Test >WINDOW+IIS+LETSENCRYPT+SSL manual Renewal (wildcard domain name)

Previously mentioned in the window environment to generate the SSL wildcard domain name certificate method is: The following is a manual renewal of the SSL Certificate in the window Environment //view the certificate expiration time OpenSSL X509-NOOUT-DATES-IN/ETC/LETSENCRYPT/LIVE/YINGXIAOBU.COM/CERT.PEM //renewreplace Renew and replace sudo certbot certonly-d *

Namecheap new admin Panel tutorial diagram

A few days ago we must have received from Namecheap official mail notice has replaced a very beautiful backstage management panel, let us hurry to try. Today, when I went to try it, I was suddenly blindfolded, and many of the features needed were not found and the speed of the backstage opening was slow. But it's a lot simpler to experience and function than it was in the background. If for our frequent contact with overseas host, domain na

Illustration of transferring a Namecheap domain name to Alibaba Cloud HiChina domain name platform

1. Obtain and unlock the Namecheap domain name transfer codeA-unlock the Namecheap domain nameOn the domain name panel, we can see the domain name to be transferred out. The side menu is "rgeister lock" to prepare for unlocking.B. Obtain the Namecheap domain name transfer codeIn the figure above, we can see the get epp code button. After clicking it, we

Apply lets encrypt permanent free SSL certificate process tutorials and FAQ

Let ' s encrypt as a public and free SSL project is gradually spread and use by the vast number of users, is by Mozilla, Cisco, Akamai, Identrust, eff and other organizations to launch, The main goal is also to promote the Web site from HTTP to https over the process, there are more and more businesses to join and sponsorship support. The advent of let's encrypt free SSL certificate will also be a blow to the traditional provider of paid SSL Certificate Services. So far, let's encrypt get Identr

Install the use of Let's Encrypt SSL certificate for the website on CentOS 7

Install let ' s Encrypt client For CentOS distributions There are currently two ways to install let's Encrypt clients, one of which is a direct yum installation from the upstream Epel source, one that is downloaded from the Encrypt source of let ' s GitHub. Waterscape One page uses the following second method, downloaded from the GitHub. Two ways of installingSimple comparison: YUM installation follows the system update to update the installation package, but there is no Apache automatic inst

Nginx Configure https/Certificate update/Let's encrypt free certificate (HTTPS) as well as error resolution!

Git address is as follows Https:// Calling authentication, obtaining, and updating certificates does not require additional dependencies. downloading scripts and configuration files wget wget https:// chmod +x configuration file Only need to modify D

Let's Encrypt to the website plus HTTPS full guide Certbot

Certbot, configuration management is very easy.Generate let ' s Encrypt certificateLet's Encrypt certificate generation does not need to be done manually, the official recommendation Certbot this set of automated tools to achieve. 3 easy steps to take care of: Download Install Certbot (let's encrypt project automation tools) Creating a configuration file Perform certificate automation generation commands The following tutorials run on Arch Linux, and other operating system

Docker version omnibus Gitlab plus lets encrypt free SSL one-click Setup

First use the following file to generate the Letsencrypt certificate.Source:Https://!/bin/bash# This example would run a basic nginx server provisionned with an index.htmlfile# Make sure to replace""With a public accessible domain poiting to the server you'll run this on.# this nginx container would get a Co

Configure free SSLNameCheap on LNMP or Nginx

At the end of April, I registered a with the discount code for NameCheap and offered a free PositiveSSL for one year. so I used SSL to transmit data more securely. SSL requires an independent IP address, that is, an independent IP address can only correspond to one SSL. (What is SSL ?) I. preparations 1. you need to compile the ssl module by using Nginx (the one-click lnmp installation package has been compiled and installed). If no, re-

Let & #39; s Encrypt free SSL Certificate, encryptssl

Let's Encrypt free SSL Certificate, encryptsslLet's Encrypt provides free and easy-to-use certificates. Assume that my domain name is 1. Clone the code Git clone # install git first without git # yum install git # apt-get install git2. Installation Cd letsencrypt. /letsencryp

Using let's Encrypt for free SSL Certs with Netscaler

Firewall Disable Log in Via PuTTY or your terminal of choice Install Prerequisites and get environment ready for the automation from let ' s Encrypt. In this example, I use the home folder of the user and production this would live somewhere more appropriate like opt. Several Other prerequisites (like GCC, Python, and others) 'll be installed as part of the Git install, just accept any p Rompts. Zypper–n in Git CD ~ amp;amp; git clone CD

Use let's encrypt client to request SSL certificate for FREE

Mozilla, Cisco, Akamai, Identrust, EFF, and University of Michigan researchers jointly announced the Let's Encrypt CA project, which plans to provide a free basic SSL certificate to the Web site to accelerate the Internet transition from HTTP to HTTPS. Let's Encrypt CA will be operated by the nonprofit organization Internet Security Survey Group (ISRG), which was formally launched in the public beta phase of the December 4 morning, and then rushed to apply for a trial.Before I applied for a cert

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