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· Ubuntu"nano command

It was yesterday. The Nano was a suggested compiler and then found a good blog to learn. By the way.Nano Command GuideToday in the loss command, inadvertently entered the Nano, not too familiar with the command, the results do not know how to exit,

Linux Common text editor Nano/vi/vim__linux

Linux has a lot of text editors, where the system (regardless of which branch) will bring the Nano and VI of the two most basic Editor. Vim is equivalent to VI upgrade version. Here we will explain the use of these editors in turn. 1.nano You can

Nano Instructions for use

Main Nano Help text?The Nano Editor is a designed to emulate simulation, simulating the functionality and Ease-of-use of the UW Pico text editor.There is four main sections of the editor.?The top line shows the program version, the current filename

THEDEBIANWAY: Dpkg of Debian Maintenance Tool

THEDEBIANWAY: Debian maintenance tool Dpkg-Linux Release Technology-Debian information, the following is a detailed description. This article describes the Debian GNU/Linux Dpkg tool in detail, and hopes that Linux users will have a deep

Vim copy, Paste, delete, undo, replace, cursor move, etc. usage

When I was in touch with Linux, I used the nano text editor, and personally felt that his greatest advantage was convenience and speed. Open files, modify files, to exit are very fast and simple. This is better than Vi,vim, but the nano can not

GENTOO Installation Notes (Turn)

IBM T42 GENTOO Installation Notes A Preface Linux has been playing for many years, but has always been in the use of common services, and there is no more in-depth understanding of Linux. Recently played two weeks of Gentoo, the feeling is good,

Do you think mobile phones will replace PCs?

Do you think mobile phones will replace PCs? If yes, after a few years? What is it like? Questions come from 10 Internet Q & A activities. Asked by: Zhang Xiaolong.   First, question this question: If no answer is given, you do not need to answer

Node.js installation Tutorials and the NPM Package Manager use detailed _node.js

At the Jsconf conference in 2009, a young programmer named Ryan Dahl showed people a project he was working on, a JavaScript platform based on the Google V8 engine, which provided a set of event loops and low IO application programming interfaces

VI editor usage

VI editor usage Keywords: VI, VI editor, 1. About the text editor There are many text editors, such as gedit, kwrite, OpenOffice ......, in text mode, the editors include VI, VIM (enhanced version of VI), and nano ...... VI and Vim are the most

Linux Learning Note 2.0

Command">" | >> file Standard input redirect (overwrite); (append)2> | 2>> file standard error redirection (overwrite); (append)File &> File = = >file 2>&1 all standard output redirectionTR Convert and delete charactersTee [-A] file1 stdin to file1

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