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Assembly program design in Linux

Compilation Program Design in Linux-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. Abstract: This article describes the advantages and disadvantages of using assembly in Linux, as well as the usage and syntax features of Common Assembly tools. Focuses on NASM. Introduction: Assembly Language is a low-level language that is closely related to hardware and operating systems. My PC used DOS b

Linux application experience and skills: Nasm compilation for Linux

Article Title: Linux Application Experience and tips: Use Nasm for compilation in Linux. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. With the popularity of Linux, how to program on the Linux platform, especially Assembly, has become a concern, but there is little information about this. After visiting websites

Assembly program design in Linux

language should be used wherever necessary, as far as possible to write large programs with less compilation, and the inline mode should be adopted. Ii. assembly language tools: Commonly used tools under DOS, such as MASM and TASM, cannot be used in Linux. Linux has its own assembly tools and many types of tools. WhereGas can be regarded as a standard configuration. Each type of Linux includes gas, but GAS does not use the Assembly syntax we usually use in DOS. It uses the ATT syntax format, th

Assembly program design in Linux

includes Gas, but GAS does not use the assembly syntax we usually use in DOS. it uses the ATT syntax format, the syntax format is quite different from that of intel.    To use a syntax similar to DOS, you must use another compilation tool, NASM, which is basically the same as MASM, but there are also many differences, especially when it comes to operating system principles, it is totally different from DOS.          Linux assembler program design:   

X01.wos. 5: Add function, x01.wos. 5 add function

X01.wos. 5: Add function, x01.wos. 5 add function Preparations1. Ensure that it is win xp. If it is win 8, to run nasm, follow the prompts to agree to install the component.2. Make sure that src and z_tools are in the same directory, and nasm is included in the z_tools folder.3.bmp. nasm must be compiled by nasm.exe in the format of-f win32. For more information,

"Write your own operating system"--work environment construction

, the URL is: (need to log in first), can also be in HTTP://OSFROMSCRATCH.ORG/DOWNLOADCN Download the source code. First, start to build the working environment: 1. One computer (Windows operating system) 2. Virtual Machine VirtualBox Can be downloaded on the official website, download address: VirtualBox is chosen because it is open source free, the speed can also, the author uses Virtual PC 5.0, the virtual machine is

Grey wolf Assembly video notes

SiAdd Di, 2Loop sMoV ax, 4c00hInt 21 hInt0end: NOPCode endsEnd start;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;------------------- 10 --------------------------Main ContentDevelopment Environment ConstructionUnderstanding the boot programNASM assemblyWrite the first startup programVisual pc2004 is used to start the startup program we wrote.VMware runs Linux and uses the NASM compiler to compile the Startup Program on Linux.Knowledge p

How the machine code prints the output "Hello world!" Of

Disclaimer (mandatory reading). ): All the tutorials provided by this blog are translated from the Internet, only for the purposes of learning and communication, not for commercial communication. At the same time, do not remove this declaration when reproduced. If any dispute arises, it has nothing to do with the owner of the blog or the person who publishes the translated manuscript. Thank you for your cooperation. If you plan to build your own operating system, you will need to familiarize you

X86 Assembler Program Design for Linux

Linux x86 Assembler Programming-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. Essentially, this article combines two programming things that interest me most: the Linux operating system and assembly language programming. neither of these two needs to be introduced (or should not); like Win32 assembly, Linx Assembly runs in 32-bit protection mode... however, it has another distinct advantage: it allows you to call C's standard library

How to compile Xvid with Microsoft Visual C ++ 6.0

support for Intel's SSE, see2 and AMD's 3 dnow! Instructions.Patch supporting processor multimedia assembly instructions 3) NASM-the famous netwide extends erHttp:// uses NASM to "compile" the code written in assembly language (the *. ASM files). Download the Win32 binary. 4) DirectX 9.0 SDK-Http://

Xvidopen source code

For compilation, refer to the DOC/install file in Xvid source code. For the problems encountered, see: Download NASM Http:// (Win32 Version) After Uncompressing the files, change nasmw.exe and ndisasmw.exeto nasm.exe and copy the two files to Microsoft Visual Studio/vc98/bin. The following error may occur during compilation: Error c2520: conversion from unsigned _ int64 to doubl

Compile Xvid using vc6.0

How to compile Xvid with Microsoft Visual C ++ 6.0Written by David CarrollLast Updated: November 23,200 3 OK, you 've got your copy of Microsoft Visual C ++ 6.0. You shocould be able to justDownload the source code, click on the project file, and a few second later, you'll have the Xvid binary. Right? Well, unfortunately, it's notThatEasy. However, it's not that hard either. I. Downloading necessary files Xvid depends on a number of libraries and programs that do not come standard with Microsoft

Add environment variables to Windows

Take NASM as an example, after the software installation is complete, start the Windows operating System Command window, in the installation directory (such as C:\Program files\nasm) run NASM is OK, but run in any other directory NASM will report an error.This means that we cannot use the

Build nginx-rtmp server under Windows

Build nginx-rtmp server under Windows Build nginx-rtmp server under Windows Preparatory work Installing MinGW Installing mercurial Installing Strawberryperl Installing NASM Download Nginx-related source code package Compiling Nginx NGINX-RTMP Environment Construction Effect test Final description Recently, because of the technical work related

X01.wos.5: Adding features

Preparatory work1. Ensure that it is win XP, in the case of Win 8, run NASM You must follow the prompts to agree to install the components.2. Make sure Src and z_tools are in the same directory, NASM is already included in the Z_tools folder.3.bmp.nasm need Nasm.exe compile, format is-f Win32, see App/makefile.The

X86/x64 programming Basics

Select Compiler NASM? FASM? Yasm? Or MASM, gas, or others? The first three are free and open-source compilation compilers. Generally, Intel syntax is used. Yasm was developed on the basis of NASM and is the same as NASM. Because the same syntax is used, the NASM code can be compiled directly using yasm. Although the up

Program loading and Execution (vi)--"x86 assembly language: From the actual mode to the protection mode" Reading notes 26

Program loading and Execution (vi)--"x86 assembly language: From the actual mode to the protection mode" Reading notes 26What can I learn from this article? Glossary of conditions for NASM When compiling with NASM, define macros with command-line options Conditional statements for Makefile overriding variable values in makefile on the Make command line The 13th chapter exercises the

How to Use EditPlus to configure the Program Development Environment (NASM)

From: Are you tired of VS2008, which is too slow to open? Can't stand Eclipse with a large memory usage? So I suggest you use some lightweight editors to build a development environment for your work. This article mainly introduces, how to Use Editplus, one of the most widely used editors, to build your development environment. This article is a reference. I hope you will be able to familiarize yourself with the configuration methods of this ty

Compilation environment building under Linux (NASM)

The first step: first determine if the system has installed NASM---------------> Open terminal, execute Whereis nasm; if nasm:/usr/bin/nasm is displayed, it is already installed, if only NASM: is displayed, it is not installed. Second cloth: to the official website to downlo

Installing nasm on Ubuntu and simple use of nasm on Ubuntu

1. Install nasm on Ubuntu at download the 2.10.07.tar.gzversion (This compression method is generally used on ubuntu ). If you want to download nasm of another version, you can choose download it. 2. Installation Method: run the following command: Decompress: tarzxvf 1. Install

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