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Summary of NAT type and NAT traversal Technology

third-party server through the STUN Protocol to determine the NAT type of the client. further communication. rfc3489/STUN Protocol process [from cr0_3 Baidu space]. the STUN Protocol defines three testing processes to detect Nat types, as described below: Test1: STUN client sends a binding request to stun server {IP-c1: Port-c1} through port {IP-s1: Port-s1} (no

Nat type description and type detection

Original article: Http:// (1) Full Cone: Nat maps all requests from the same internal IP address and port to the same external IP address and port. Any external host can send IP packets to the internal host through the ing. (2) Restricted Cone: Nat maps all requests from the same internal IP address and port to the same external IP address and port.

A deep analysis of NAT type and transformation principle

We all know that. Nat is located in the internal and external network, used for internal and external network address conversion, in the current is still IPv4 as the mainstream Protocol IP network, NAT technology is widely used, because it can save scarce public network IP address. But do not think that NAT technology is very simple, think just the internal (or

Nat type and Detection Method

The terms and functions of NAT (Network Address Translation) are not described here. If necessary, you can refer to the document peer-to-peer communication translation SS network address translators. Address: Research on P2P communication method through NAT: (Note: The Chinese documents have been translated into the four chapters o

Nat type detection method

for the first time, Nat maps a (PublicIP-1, Port-1 ), after the Intranet host sent to external HOST 1 all data is using this (PublicIP-1, Port-1), if the Intranet host at the same time with this socket to external host 2 to send data, the first time to send, nat will assign it a (PublicIP-2, Port-2), after which all the data sent by the Intranet host to the external host 2 will use this (PublicIP-2, Port-2

Nat type and Detection Method

CodeHighlighter (freeware)> 1 /// 2 /// Specifies UDP network type. 3 /// 4 Public Enum Stun_nettype 5 { 6 /// 7 /// UDP is always blocked. 8 /// 9 Udpblocked, 10 11 /// 12 /// No Nat, public ip, no firewall. 13 /// 14 Openin

[Zz] P2P Nat type detection method

P2P Nat ResearchPart 1: Nat IntroductionPart 2: Nat type detection Part 1: Nat Introduction Various types of NAT (according to RFC) Full cone NAT: The Intranet host establishes a UDP

Stun protocol, probing NAT type (Implementation process one)

stun protocol, probing NAT type (Implementation process one) 1, the Stun client (101:10) sends a request to the stun server (404:40) asking for its own NAT-mapped address (202:20):A, does not receive the server reply, then thinks that the UDP is blocked by the firewall, cannot communicate, the network type: Blocked.

Nat type detection

The stun client () sends a request to the stun server (404: 40), requesting the address mapped by NAT ):A. If no server reply is received, UDP is regarded as blocked by the firewall and cannot communicate. network type: blocked.B. receive a response from the server (if the address is a ing address or a source address). if the address is the same as the local address (the source address is returned ), the de

Vronat NAT network address type conversion

Vronat NAT network address type translation (NAT) is also called network address type conversion. There are three main types: static NAT, dynamic NAT, and port address ing. Note that there is a big difference between the three typ

NAT type judgment

This article gives the NAT type judgment codeCone NAT or symmetric NATThe concrete implementation block diagram is as follows: If Server A and Server B return to the client PORT1 and PORT2 equal, then the NAT is cone NAT, otherwise symmetric NAT.Is full Cone

Use pystun to obtain the NAT type and public IP address of the LAN

Use pystun to obtain the NAT type and public IP address of the LAN Pystun is a STUN client tool used to obtain the NAT type and public IP address of the LAN.A Python STUN client for getting NAT type and external IP (RFC 3489) Pyst

Settings for network type (NAT, bridging, etc.) in VirtualBox, NIC, IP address, etc.

Virtual machine, whether it is VirtualBox or VMware, for network settings, generally support NAT, bridge network adapter and other configuration. Here is the network connection in VirtualBox to explain its specific meaning. Here, the main content, or from the translation from the VirtualBox website about the interpretation of the network: Chapter 6. Virtual Networking The goal is not how complete the translation is, but to be committed to describing t

Ipvsadm command and Lvs-nat type Web server cluster[-g|i|m]: Indicates the type of LVS-g:gateway, meaning Dr type-i:ipip, meaning Tun type-m:masquerade means NAT sentencing.[-W Weight]:rs weightsNote: Weights are only meaningful for scheduler that support weighted scheduling(2) Delete:ipvsadm-d-t|u|f service-address-r server-address(3) Clear the definit

NAT type of Load Balancer cluster LVS under Linux

NAT type of Load Balancer cluster LVS under Linux1. The cluster type is divided into 3 types:Lb:load balancing, load balancingHa:high Availability , High availabilityHp:high performance, high performanceThe 2.LB load Balancer four layer LVS type is divided into the following 3 types: (Linux Virtual Server)

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