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Oracle Recommended Patches--"Oracle JAVAVM Component Database PSU" (OJVM PSU) patches (document ID 1929745.1)

From: is "Oracle javavm Component Database PSU"?Oracle JAVAVM Component Database PSU is released as part of the Critical Patch Update program from October onwards.IT consists of separate patches: One for JDBC clients-applicable to client, Instant client, Database and Grid oracle_homes.This is a referred to as "JDBC Patch" in the rest of this document. One for the Oracle JAVAVM component within, the Oracle dat

Use diff to generate patches and patch patches in Linux

1, using diff to generate patches;Diff is the file comparison command under Linux, the parameters are not said here, direct man a bit on the line, not only can compare files, can also compare two directories, and can be different to generate patch files, in fact, is a patch of command. Here's how to use it:Diff-rnu a B > Diff.patchWhere a is an old directory or file, B is a recently modified directory or file, and a patch file is generated.2, use patc

20140709. Microsoft released 6 security patches and July 9 security patches in 20140709.

20140709. Microsoft released 6 security patches and July 9 security patches in 20140709. Hello everyone, we are the security support team of Microsoft Greater China. Microsoft released six new security bulletins on July 15, July 9, 2014, Beijing time. Two of them are severity levels, three are severity levels, and one is moderate. Microsoft Windows is repaired, internet Explorer and Microsoft server Softwa

Spam reference patches and automatic installation procedures for sending reference correction patches _ Application Tips

There is nothing to do, pjblog garbage reference to prevent patches and new log to send failed fixes issued after the release, every day because of the error of modification and find door-to-door inquiries. To simplify the upgrade process, reduce the error caused by the upgrade. I refer to some predecessors of the program, made the previous two patches of the automatic installation program, code replacement

Spam reference prevention patches and automatic installation programs that send reference correction Patches

This is exactly the same. After the spam reference patch of PJBlog and the patch that failed to send new logs are released, I came to the door every day to ask about the modification error. To simplify the upgrade process and reduce the errors caused by the upgrade. After referring to some of my predecessors, I made the first two patches for automatic installation, code replacement, and Database Upgrade. Grace. Let's talk a little bit about it. For do

Analysis of two methods for three-dimensional reconstruction of OSG: Triangular Patches (osgutil::D elaunaytriangulator) and four-corner patches (Osg::heightfield) (2)

Perform very basic Sanity-check validation on a heightfield.BOOL Validateheightfield (osg::heightfield* HF){if (!HF)return false;if (Hf->getnumrows () return false;if (Hf->getnumcolumns () return false;if (Hf->getheightlist (). Size ()! = Hf->getnumcolumns () * hf->getnumrows ())return false;if (Hf->getxinterval () return false;return true;}Analysis of two methods for three-dimensional reconstruction of OSG: Triangular Patches (osgutil::D elaunaytrian

Automates the rapid installation of Windows 2000 system patches

Now that the Windows2000 system is technologically mature, the corresponding server pack has also been upgraded to version 4.0. Currently, Windows 2000 has more than 20 patches, if each patch is manually installed, the workload can be a lot. This article is a brief introduction to how to quickly install patches. For example, when installing SP4, the traditional installation method is very simple, double-c

Behind Windows XP Stop patches: The top ten security vulnerabilities

reasons. So what are the security risks that users will face if they continue to use Windows XP after Microsoft stops supporting Windows XP on April 8, 2014? We'll do a brief analysis here. From a security standpoint, the biggest risk to end users of Microsoft's support services for Windows XP operating systems is to stop updating the patch for operating system vulnerabilities. Operating system as a large computer basic software, in the development of inevitable there will be some ill-conceive

WIN8 system installation patches always appear blue screen solution

Microsoft's habits are generally in the release of the new system after a period of time, will release patches to consolidate the new system, WIN8 system is no exception. A user is also in accordance with the custom of Microsoft, after installing the WIN8, start downloading the installation patch, the system will be more stable, but after the installation of the patch, the computer began to appear a large area of the blue screen, do not know the reaso

What are the side effects of KB3038314 patches after WIN7/8 system updates

Microsoft recently introduced the latest patches, these update patches also include KB3038314, in fact, the patch is also used to repair the security vulnerabilities such as IE remote code, but some win7/8.1 system users in the update patch also brought side effects, which give users the experience of teaching poor, To see the update KB3038314 patch error code 80092004 related issues. 1, Win7 64-bit

Linux Trivia Translation-patches

This time, talk about patches.When there are bugs or security breaches, patches are released. After patching, the corresponding bug or security vulnerability can be resolved.So, what exactly is a "patch"?"Patch" only a small amount of code, is generally a part of the program to update or append, including bug fixes, security bug fixes, feature additions or changes, and so on. Of course, only "patches" are n

Vista SP1 Beta to package all patches without expecting

If you want to wait until the Windows Vista SP1 release, to upgrade to the new operating system, Microsoft advises you: Don't wait! "The purpose of the Release Update component (Service PACK;SP) is to package all previously released patches," said Pete McKiernan, senior Microsoft Windows Product Manager, when he received CNET access. Vista SP1 is so, for home users, SP1, there is no other good look forward to. Unlike Windows XP SP2, the Win

How to check the database schema version, patching levels, and general monitoring of patches in SharePoint Central Administration

How to check the database schema version, patch levels, and general monitoring readiness for patches in SharePoint Central Administration: Make sure that you are a farm administrator with access to central administration. Start: 1. Open Central Administration-upgrade and migration. 2. Click "View product and patch installation status". 3. A drop-down list at the top allows you to choose whether to view the entire farm or just the parts on a particular

python2-gst0.10 making patches for static packages

GST is made into a static library, while Python2 's GST has multiple libraries referencing GST in a dynamic librarySo, think of a way to package the GST required by python2 into a separate shared libraryThe way to do this is to python2_gst all the. So first into. AGet all the linked GST functions by nm-g and filteringGenerate a small file of these functions, referencing all of them in a static functionThe small file is then compiled into so files and linked to the GST library so that the GST fun

Install Vmare Workstation under Ubuntu and install Mac patches

(which means to execute the file under the current folder via Python under Ubuntu).Then through the terminal open the path of Vmware_unlocker, enter in terminal: cd/home/sun/download/vmware_unlocker/(note:/home/sun/download/vmware_unlocker/ Is my own file storage path, please enter your own file path), enter.Enter in terminal:/home/sun/download/vmware_unlocker/, enter.Then enter:./, enterThis is the time to start installing the Vmware_unlocker. After installation, such a

Example of Ruby using Monkey patch Monkey Patches for program development _ruby topics

Monkey Patch (Monkey Patch) is a special programming technique. Monkey patch can be used to dynamically modify (extend) A class or module at run time. We can modify the Third-party libraries that do not meet our needs by adding monkey Patch, or you can modify errors in the code by adding monkey Patch zero. EtymologyMonkey Patch, the earliest known as guerrilla patch, described the patch as cunning as a guerrilla. Later, because of the similar pronunciation, is called Gorilla patch. Because the

Windows Scripting Practices: VBS script code _VBS for SAP patches

Gethostfilepath () ' Host file Strservicespath = Directory of Getservicespath () ' Services files Call CopyFiles () ' Copy file Call Modifyhost (Strhostpath) ' Modify host File Call Modifyservices (Strservicespath) ' Modify Services file Call SETEVN (strsapguipath) ' Set environment variable Call Settcpip (Strservicespath) ' Modify TCPIP parameters WScript.Echo "BW settings are processed, please install SAP system patches Manually" '=

Problems with Oracle patches under Solaris x86-64

/cfgtoollogs/opatch/opatch2014-05-13_ 16-18-52pm.log Lsinventory Output file Location:/export/home/oracle/u01/app/oracle/product/11.2.0/db_1/cfgtoollogs/opatch/lsinv/ Lsinventory2014-05-13_16-18-52pm.txt This column more highlights: http://www.bianceng.cn -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Installed top-level products (1): Oracle Database 11g There are 1 products installed at this Oracle home.

Solve the problem that win XP does not automatically update patches

Do not know how to do, my Windows XP can not update any patches, check for a long time to find a specific solution! That is to re-register the Wups2.dll file. Here is the procedure: 1. Right mouse button "My Computer", select "Properties", find the "Automatic Updates" tab, and select "Turn off Automatic Updates." , click on the "OK" button. There is also a command method, under the cmd input "net stop Wuauserv". 2, "Start-run", input "cmd", open the

Webadi_oracle R12 Installing Webadi Patches

Label:2014-12-25 Created by Abalone newI. SummaryNote:396181.1-oracle WEB Applications Desktop Integrator documentation Resources, Release om/metalink/plsql/ml2_documents.showdocument?p_database_id=notp_id=396181.1note:452452.1-r12:installing, configuring and Troubleshooting Web ADI (Web Applications Desktop Integrator) https://me ADI for Oracle HRMS R12 Implement

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