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Android official finally support Navigation Drawer (navigation drawer) mode

On the day of Google Io, the Android team updated the support library and added several more important features to the support library of the new version (V13).Adds a drawerlayout control that supports the creation of Navigation drawer mode. Can be set from the left side of the menu or the right side, can also left the menu to exist.Add Slidingpanelayout controls

Android Drawer Navigation Navigation Drawer Instance Analysis _android

Let's focus on the Android drawer navigation Navigationdrawer. First of all to perceptual the effect of this bar: Looking at a lot of applications, I think this slippery drawer effect of the menu is very good. Do not have to switch to another page, also do not have to press the menu hardware button, directly in the

Design guidelines for Android drawer navigation

take advantage of the new visual drawer transition. Any view isn't represented in the drawer maintains the traditional up indicator on its action bar. You stay on sync with the general navigation patterns for up and back. What to support when navigating with drawers Perhaps your app has used a drawer

Android Navigation drawer-navigation Drawer

Google updated its Google + app in July this year, adopting a new approach to navigation and abandoning navigationdrawer. In the moment, there is a series of discussions about the pros and cons of Navigationdrawer, but for developers we just have to take care of what we need to achieve or learn, 2012 YouTube, Facebook, Path and other applications have used navigationdrawer such a way of navigation, last yea

Android navigation drawer-Navigation drawer (drawerlayout) used

1. Create a drawer Layout UseDrawerLayoutAs the interface root control. In drawerlayout, the first view is the main content of the current interface, and the second and third views are the drawer menu content. If the current interface only needs one drawer menu, the third view can be omitted. In the following example, drawerlayout contains two views. The first fr

About android drawer, navigation drawer

! Mercury Venus Earth Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Open navigation drawer Close navigation drawer Web

Android Design and Development series second: Navigation Drawer

support a similar navigation drawer, the update your drawer to the this pattern to make sure that: The action Bar remains in place and adjusts its content. Your Navigation drawer overlays the content. Any view represented in the

[Android] Navigation Drawer of Android Design

ListView ). Note: 1. The content view must be the first subview of DrawerLayout. The reason is that the View order in the XML layout file is the z-ordering order in the Android system, and the Navigation Drawer must appear on the content. 2. The content view must be filled with the parent component, because when Drawer

Drawerlayout of Android Components (drawer navigation)-side-slip menu effect

subclass Actionbardrawertoggle of Drawerlistener. Generally used in conjunction with Actionbar. The code is as follows:Mdrawertoggle = new Actionbardrawertoggle (this, Mdrawerlayout,r.drawable.ic_drawer, R.string.drawer_open, R.string.drawer_close) {@Overridepublic void ondrawerclosed (View drawerview) {Getactionbar (). Settitle (Mtitle); Invalidateoptionsmenu ();} @Overridepublic void ondraweropened (View drawerview) {Getactionbar (). Settitle (Mdrawertitle); Invalidateoptionsmenu ( );}}; Mdra

Implementation of Navigationdrawer navigation drawer function in Android Development (source code sharing)

throughout the UI navigation drawer. (3) The drawer view (the ListView above) must specify its horizontal gravity and the android: layout_gravity attribute. Supports the right-to-left language (RTL), specifying the value and "start" instead of "Left" (the layout is RTL in the right

Navigation menu implementation for Android drawer effect

Navigation menu for drawer effectSee a lot of applications, feel this slide-off drawer effect of the menu is very good. You don't have to switch to another page, you don't have to press the hardware button on the menu, you just click on the button on the interface, the menu slides out, and you feel like you can put a lot of things. On the implementation, search

Android development of the Navigationdrawer navigation drawer function implementation (source sharing)

[] mplanettitles;// The name of each item of the ListView private Drawerlayout mdrawerlayout;private ListView mdrawerlist;private Actionbardrawertoggle Mdrawertoggle; Used to listen for drawerlayout event @overridepublic void OnCreate (Bundle savedinstancestate) {super.oncreate (savedinstancestate); Setcontentview (r.layout.activity_main); mplanettitles = Getresources (). Getstringarray (R.array.planets_array); Mdrawerlayout = (drawerlayout) Findviewbyid (; mdrawerlist = (List

Android drawer navigation

First look at the effect Use the latest android-support-v4.jar /* Drawer navigation variable */private drawerlayout mdrawerlayout; private listview mdrawerlist; private actionbardrawertoggle mdrawertoggle ;... /* drawer navigation related */mdrawerlayout = (drawerlayout)

How to Create a Drawer Navigation bar (Navigation Drawer) and navigationdrawer

DrawerLayout that contains two subviews: FrameLayout, including the main content (filled with Fragment at runtime), and a navigation drawer of ListView. 1 This layout file demonstrates some important Layout features as follows: The main content view (FrameLayout above) must be the first child view object of the DrawerLayout layout object, because the xml file means z sorting (that is, the upper and lowe

Android-navigation Drawer

it is in the Compatibility pack of Material Design, you need to first introduce it in Build.gradle ‘‘ActionbardrawertoggleImplement return picture and animation effects is the listener for the Drawerlayout event.Actionbardrawertoggle has 3 methods that can be replicated to implement Drawerlayout open, close, and sliding event

Android-Navigation Drawer based on toolbar (Material Design)

:    Some details to be aware of 1. There are a number of areas needing attention that need to be added, the effect currently achieved, drawerlayout is covered by the status bar , the benefit is that drawerlayou has more space to present the content. This is Google's official recommendation of the effect, Google's official app is also gradually replaced by this effect.2. Set StatusBar colorA. Add the android:fitssystemwindows= "true" attribute to the

Android -- DrawLayout navigation drawer

Android -- DrawLayout navigation drawerThe implementation of DrawLayout is detailed in the official documentation. However, during the development process, it is still a bit problematic. The official documentation is a bit old. mDrawerToggle = new ActionBarDrawerToggle (this, mDrawerLayout, r. string. open, R. string. close); the original api of this method can set the icon image of the app. Now this parame

Create navigation drawer → creating a navigation drawer

the first child element of drawlayout, because the navigation drawer is above the main content view. The main content view is set to match the width and height of the parent view, because it indicates that the navigation drawer of the entire interface is hidden. The horizontal gravity and

tab navigation and side drawer Navigation Peak showdown

Editor's note: This writer, Anthony Rose, co-founder and CTO of social networking Radio Zeebox, analyzes the pros and cons of sidebar Navigation and tab navigation, as well as the detailed process of a/b test for the revision process, and finally gives advice, After reading can have a clear understanding of these two kinds of navigation, very valuable experience

Material Design-compliant drawer navigation effect

Material Design-compliant drawer navigation effect Original link: Navigation Drawer styling according to Material Design Translator: wly2014 Reviewer: chaossss Status: Proofreading Complete Objective:Now it seems that the drawer

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