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JS drag and Drop plugin development detailed tutorial

One, JS drag-and-drop plug-in principle What is the common drag-and-drop operation? The whole process has a few steps: 1, click the dragged element 2, hold down the mouse, move the mouse 3, drag and drop elements to a certain position,

Windows 10 Development Network Programming tutorial

The main content of this tutorial: HttpClient class, Socket communication, WCF communicationHttpClient classThere are two httpclient classes in UWP that can be used for network communication. System.Net.Http.HttpClient and

JavaScript-Customized Validation Framework example

See the jquery verification framework, in the use of the time, in fact, is still very dizzy, very troublesome, the use of the time code is not concise, so have to get a own jquery verification framework of the plan, the basic principle is to input,

Sun's "Ajax and Java EE" full text translation of the basic knowledge

Joking, original source: http://java.sun.com/developer/technicalArticles/J2EE/AJAX/ In English and Chinese as follows, all are my own translation, the level is limited (6 grade test 78 points), welcome correction: Asynchronous JavaScript Technology

PHP XML parsing class

/*khalid XML Files Parser:: Class Kxparse, started in March 2002 by Khalid al-kary*/Class kxparse{var $xml;var $cursor;var $cursor 2; The constructor $xmlfile is the file with want to load into the parserfunction Kxparse ($xmlfile){Just read the

Detailed JavaScript comparison of property and attribute similarities and differences

The property is an attribute in the DOM, an object in JavaScript, an attribute on an HTML tag, and its value can only be a string; many friends are easily confused.analyzing property and attribute based on JavaScriptThere is such a piece of code in

JSON infinite collapse Menu Authoring instance

  This article mainly introduces the JSON infinite folding menu to write examples, the need for friends can refer to the Recently read an article about the JSON infinite folding menu Feeling good writing, also studied the next code, so use their

JavaScript input mailbox Auto Prompt Instance code

  This article mainly introduces JavaScript input mailbox automatic Prompt instance code, need friends can refer to the Originally wanted to arttemplate source analysis of the comments put up to share, but after a year, can not find, had to

HTML5 development of the Russian box instance source code

Let's take a look at the effect chart first: The number above is a score, the game does not consider compatibility, only tested on chrome, but most modern browsers can still play.First on HTML code HTML code does not explain AH, focus on the

jquery realizes the text automatic complement effect of text box

  This article mainly introduces jquery to achieve text box text automatically complement the full effect, we refer to the use of the bar Code as follows:/* Text auto-complement zhouxiang*/ (function ($) { $. completion = function (setting) {

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