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Unicode package usage in Golang

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. This article goes from Golove Blog: http://www.cnblogs.com/golove/p/3273585.html Functions and methods in a Unicode packageLatters.goConst (Maxrune = ' \u0010ffff

PHP makes Unicode decoding tool code sharing

 php to make Unicode codec online conversion tool code sharing The code is as follows: 0) {//two bytes of text $STR. = ' u ' base_convert ord ($c). Str_pad (Base_convert (Ord ($c 2), a), 2, 0, str_pad_left); } else { &

JavaScript read and write JSON sample

 json is a simple data format that is lighter than XML and does not require any special APIs or toolkits for processing JSON data in JavaScript, and here's an example where you can refer to the following JSON (JavaScript Object notation) is a

Summary of JavaScript types, values, and variables, and javascript Summary

Summary of JavaScript types, values, and variables, and javascript Summary JavaScript data types are classified into two types: primitive type and object type. Five primitive types: Numbers, strings, Boolean values, null (null), undefined (undefined

Unicode support for Erlang

In r13a, Erlang has added support for Unicode. The data types covered in this article include: list, binary, modules involved Stdlib/unicode, Stdlib/io, Kernel/file. Binary The binary type attribute increases the UTF-related Type:utf8, UTF16, UTF32,

A summary of the usage of the order of the JS sort two-dimensional array

  We know that the sort function is provided by default in JS, but this function is arranged by default in the ASCII order of the array contents, what if we want to sort the two-dimensional array? Recently engaged in the problem of JS sorting,

The tangle of the first MFC Application

I 've been on the forum for some time and learned a lot. I only remembered it today. I have never summarized it. Let's talk about the first MFC of my cainiao. If that's not good, you are welcome to shoot bricks .. MFC (Microsoft basic library), for

Introduction to Regular Expressions in JavaScript

  This article mainly introduces the regular expression in JavaScript, summarizes the grammatical meaning and RegExp object in regular, and the friend who needs it can refer to the following I. Methods for defining regular expressions There are

Explanation of UFT-8 and Unicode

What is Unicode? A mapping with characters and A is index, we use U+XXXX to represent it. Confuse with Unicode and UTF-8? Unicode is a standard char set, UTF-8 are one of implementation, just one of UCS-2, UCS-4 and so forth, but it becomes Stan

Java Unicode goto GBK

We often encounter coding problems. Java is known as the international language because its class file is UTF-8, and the JVM runs with UTF-16 (as for why the JVM uses UTF-16, I have not read the relevant data, but I guess it is because Java is a

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