nearest neighbor interpolation example

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Summary and usage of interpolation functions in MATLAB

The interpolation function in MATLAB is interp1. The Calling format is: Yi = interp1 (X, Y, XI, 'method ') Where X and Y are interpolation points, Yi is the result of interpolation at the interpolation point XI; X and Y are vectors, and 'method'

Summary of common interpolation methods in image processing

Common interpolation methods 1. Nearest Element Method This is the simplest method of interpolation and does not need to be calculated. In the four adjacent pixels of the desired pixel, the gray scale of the adjacent pixel closest to the desired

Interpolation Algorithm-depicts God's face

Things are continuous, and time is continuous... the real world is mostly continuous. However, we can only observe discretization for two reasons: 1. If the storage space required for consecutive records is too large, it is like the records cannot

The nearest neighbor method (KNN algorithm) for machine learning specific algorithm series

This content is from the public Platform: machine learning windowand the field of pattern recognition, the nearest neighbor method (KNN algorithm and K-nearest neighbor algorithm) is the method

Interpolation in MATLAB

Mathematics one-dimensional interpolationThere is kinds of one-dimensional interpolation in MATLAB: Polynomial interpolation fft-based interpolation Polynomial interpolationThe function interp1 performs

Spatial Interpolation Method Summary

In the field of scientific computing, spatial interpolation is a common important algorithm. Many related software have built-in algorithms.The Surfer software of godensoftware is very representative and has built-in comprehensive spatial

Spatial Interpolation Method Summary

Spatial Interpolation Method SummaryFrom: Inverse Distance to a power (Inverse Distance Weighted Interpolation)Kerkin Interpolation Method)Minimum curvature (minimum curvature)Modified

Linear interpolation and bilinear interpolation

recently learning the problem of rotation transformation in Digital image processing, it is found that after the rotation of the image there are some discontinuous points, so try to use bilinear interpolation method to solve. Here's how the

Image scaling with linear interpolation algorithm

Reference: Http:// What is bilinear interpolation Simple analogyOriginal sequence of values: 0,10,20,30,40Linear interpolation once is: 0,5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40That is, the change (increase or

Introduction to common interpolation methods

Introduction to common interpolation methods Inverse Distance to a Power (inverse distance weighted interpolation), "Kriging (kriging)", "Minimum curvature (minimum curvature)", "Modified Shepard" s method (improved Xie de) "," Natural

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