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What kind of talent does a well-known internet company need

(time-bound) Our task is concrete and measurable, requiring candidates to have a requirement for themselves, or at least one measure of doing things for themselves is greater than the norm. Our mission is achievable and goal-related and requires your highlight expertise and future planning to play a broad and consistent role on this platform. Our task is to have deadlines, technology solid deep, otherwise "paddle", the timing of unequal people, reall

What exactly do they need ??? -- Play "user needs"

most reliable. Believe it or not, I believe it. 3. I am willing to think about it more than I do. You know that competitors may have known it for eight years. You do not need to know much about it than they do. As long as you have a little more, This sometimes requires inspiration, creation is an art 4. Have the courage to give up and leave the most useful things. If necessary, you can throw all the cumbersome things on Noah's Ark. 5. Guts, dare t

Scenario application: How does mobile internet marketing play?

Mobile connectivity brings us new ways of marketing, and we need to understand and rethink their business models. At the same time, in the mobile internet marketing market, we can not look at the mobile internet marketing in isolation, we have to consider how to make ideas and technology better integration.In the interpretation of the "

In the era of mobile Internet, small and micro enterprises still need official website

1, traffic ratio problem is not importantDo network marketing person, is very concerned about the traffic problem.In the hot background of mobile interconnection and artificial intelligence, the PC side seems to be too angry. It is said that the end of 2014, the Chinese network users based on mobile app data traffic, more than the PC-side traffic. At the end of 2016, global network users accounted for 51.2% of mobile traffic, surpassing PC-side traffic for the first time.650) this.width=650; "al

Android Play a simple music on the Internet and android

Android Play a simple music on the Internet and android First, attach the effect after the program is run, as shown in: 1. Deploy a web project to the tomcat server: 1. this applet is used to play a piece of music through the network. First, place a well-developed web project under the webapps directory under the tomcat installation directory. The web project

Brother: Play Mobile internet first is to live

representative, he is a traditional industry people, feel the mobile internet dividend coming, so and friends engaged in a technology company. Friends of his creativity is very interested in, feel very promising, but the company was established, step by step to achieve this idea, only to realize that it is not so at all. Mobile Internet pit too many, unfathomable, an app involves too wide, the project is t

Take the first step in the Internet of things and play the Arduino

As you know, the Internet of Things (IoT) is now in the ascendant, with a variety of smart devices, watches, things, even sports shoes and other wearable devices, as well as smart home products, constantly impacting our minds and eyeballs. Autodesk has also recently announced its foray into the IoT industry and has just acquired an internet of things company Seecontrol. I do not understand the hardware of t

Does the internet need a forum?

understand that this is the cultural level. Down is the technical level, in fact, the forum is not simple, at least one person to make a match with Discuz and Phpwind is really not easy, the early forum must have a technical Daniel in the support of the development of the Forum. In China, the advent of Discuz and Phpwind has given the opportunity to many technically not very good people, and discuz Open source has an extraordinary significance. CN domain name of the hype, the reduction of space

Java Internet directions need to read books

aware of the need to use FindBugs and Checkstyle tools."Java Concurrency Programming"A year ago I was trying to read this book when I was working on UI development (using Swt/jface in the Eclipse plugin and other projects using swing). At that time, I wanted to learn how to implement a responsive UI that would give users a better experience. I know it's very complicated to write thread-safe code, although a long-running operation is usually a separat

Read the front end and HTML5 technology difference, play turn Internet Enterprise!

?Skilled use HTML5 maximum can get how much salary?What big companies are eager to recruit web front-end programmers?To answer the above questions, I joined a group of Daniel on the Internet, set up a free programming learning group, you just need to come to our group to listen to the line, the front part is 487, the middle part is 425, the back part is 429 There is free learning resources, daily live cours

Play the Raspberry Pi-raspberry and create an Internet of things Smart Gateway

For many IoT applications, using a Raspberry Pi to build an intelligent gateway is no longer appropriate, but the market of those "XX smart", "XX center" direct seconds kill it!Hardware needs to be extended: SD card, WiFi, Bluetooth, USB hub,tft display.What software is needed: scripting engine, remote login service, Web server, messaging server, processing server, forwarding server, Smart Display software, interactive control software ... Some of these software are already mature, some are stil

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