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Use OpenAL to play wav sound files in BlackBerry 10:qt

BlackBerry 10/playbook OS 2.0 has a built-in OpenAL class library, so it's convenient to use the OpenAL class library to play sounds in your program. The example program cowbell provided on the BlackBerry 10 developer site includes examples of how

Qt4 tutorial (I)-use openal to help qt4 Play Sound Effects

1. First download the instance source code, address: 2. After downloading the SDK, you can see the openal-SDK. You need to install it. Suppose you have installed it in E:/openal/SDK/ 3. decompress the ALUT

Use Openal to play audio in Linux

Header file /** Soundplay. H * 1: You need to download and develop the openal Development Kit (software implementation of the openal API (Devlopment files) and ALUT Development Kit * 2: add the header file path:/usr/include/Al * 3: add libraries:

Simple openal example

First, you need to import audiotoolbox. Framework and openal. framework.   Openalviewcontroller. h   #import #import @interface OpenALViewController : UIViewController {ALCcontext *mContext;ALCdevice *mDevice;NSUInteger sourceID;NSUInteger

Course 3 multi-source stream playback

Joal tutorial Address: Original article athomas Goldberg 3-way slate brick Retained the above information. The continuous code page and Study Notes for this section:

Game Engine analysis (6)

Original Author: Jake Simpson Translator: Xianghai Part 1: sound system, audio APIs Sound SystemVoice and music have become increasingly important in games over the past few years due to advances in the types and technologies of games played by

Course 7 Doppler Effect in joal tutorial

Joal tutorial Address: Original article athomas Goldberg 3-way slate brick Retained the above information. Study Notes for this course:

Joal tutorial Lesson 8 oggvorbis format stream

Joal tutorial Address: Original article athomas Goldberg 3-way slate brick Retained the above information.   This is the last section of the joal tutorial series, Study Notes:

IOS Operating System Architecture

Comparison diagram of Mac OS and IOS system architectures:As you can see from the diagram, Mac OS and iOS have a different system architecture hierarchy than the top tier, Mac is the Cocoa framework, and iOS is the cocoa Touch framework, so Mac OS

IPhone OS (iOS) Architecture

IPhone OS (now called iOS) is the operating system of iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad devices. 1. Core OS: It is a Darwin written by FreeBSD and Mach, and is a Unix core that is open source and complies with POSIX standards. This layer includes or

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