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Mac Pro in the company Wi-Fi normal, go home to the dorm will not find WiFi signal, need to restart to find WiFi hotspot

Workaround: Modify the band of the router to 1-11 of this range.Before the time to find the reason, the project is also urgent, these days the project is not particularly urgent, look for, the reason.Because it was good before, mainly is the previous modification of the next router configuration.The default send frequency band is changed, and the default is auto state for 1-13. In order not to conflict with the nearby WiFi information, or psychologica

[Smart Home] applications of wifi in Smart Home and wifi in Smart Home

star network topology, and an important feature is that it can transmit video streams with a large amount of data. Therefore, the following is a simple networking: Figure 1 wifi networking 1. First, computers, tablets, and mobile phones all come with WIFI modules, so they communicate with smart routers through wifi. 2. For a TV, if the TV is playing a network

How to solve the problem of WiFi freezing at home, And wifi freezing at home

How to solve the problem of WiFi freezing at home, And wifi freezing at home Nowadays, many users are unable to do without Wireless wifi, so they will find wireless wi-fi networks whenever they get there. In most cases, household Wi-Fi is choppy, which seriously affects the

The application of "smart home article" WiFi in smart home

. And an important feature is the large amount of data transmitted, can transmit video stream.So. Below we do a simple networking:Figure 1 WiFi Networking1, first. Computers, tablets, and mobile phones will have their own WiFi modules, so they communicate with the smart router over WiFi.2, for television, if the TV broadcast is network TV or network video, you

"Smart Home article" WiFi Driver Understanding (3) Role of the--usb interface in the WiFi module

reprint Please indicate source: Http:// Thank you! The previous article has mentioned that the most important two functions of the USB interface in the WiFi module are Usb_read_port () and Usb_write_port (). So how do they relate to WiFi? We can analyze from the following three aspects:1, the first need to clear the

How to increase the speed of WiFi at home to solve the problem of slow wireless network and wifi Wireless Network

install the new antenna, you do not need to modify the settings. Self-made high-gain oriented Antenna Using A can Of course, it is still costly to change the antenna, so if you want to "zero-cost" upgrade your wireless experience, you can also try a self-made high-gain oriented antenna, that is, the original antenna of the wireless router is transformed through a can. For more information, see "test the Wi-Fi signal enhancement function of free Enha

Turn Xiaomi router into a smart WIFI (1): when someone goes home, it sends a text message to tell you that Xiaomi wifi

Turn Xiaomi router into a smart WIFI (1): when someone goes home, it sends a text message to tell you that Xiaomi wifi I want to turn my Xiaomi router into a smart WIFI. idea is like this: when my wife returns home, Xiaomi router will automatically send a text message to me

First step: Uninstall the "WiFi Master key" on your phone! Will share the WiFi in their home

Http:// today's home WiFi card does not, thought, 20M Telecom fiber no reason so card! So on the internet to find a lot of information, the next unified collection to everyone!First step: Uninstall the "WiFi Master key" on your phone!first WiFi password settings not too simple, su

A new type of smart home wifi option--simplewifi application in wireless smart home

A new type of smart home wifi option--simplewifi application in wireless smart homeFirst:With the continuous development of science and technology, the local area network is gradually to wireless, multi-network in the direction of the development, in the rapid development of multi-network in the process, led to a wide range of wireless technology applications, WiFi

Home Router WiFi not good signal router WiFi how to put the best?

, of course, is because the laptop's wireless card is more powerful. because of the need to save power, the need to minimize heat, so the ability of the phone to receive Wi-Fi signal is generally weaker than the notebook. of course, if the notebook is super old, and the mobile phone is just out of the high-end section this year, then this feeling may not be so obvious. The above explanati

Can Halow promote WiFi to become the first choice for smart home connection?

demanding. Halow makes up for the short board of the existing WiFi technology with high power consumption and short distance (which is also the main reason for its restriction in home control), making WiFi a wireless standard that can also transmit Low Power micro data. However, the low power consumption performance of Zigbee, BLE, Enocean and other communicatio

"Android" several common broadcast listeners (WIFI, light off screen, home key, SMS) summary

Broadcast receiver for WiFi status monitoring/** * Monitor the WiFi status of the broadcast receiver, note that you do not need to add any permissions */public final class Wifistatereceiver extends Broadcastreceiver {private static FINA L String TAG = "Tagforwifistatereceiver"; @Override public void OnReceive (Context C, Intent Intent) {Bundle bundle =

The advent of the new WiFi technology is more suitable for smart home and Iot

The advent of the new WiFi technology is more suitable for smart home and Iot According to TheVerge, the US technology website, WiFi seems to have connected most devices in the consumer's home. Why not connect Smart appliances through it? Although such an idea seems to be taken for granted, in fact, most network-conne

[Smart Home] WiFi network structure (Part 1)

Reprint please indicate the source: thank you! I believe everyone knows what WiFi is. I will not describe it here. What we need to do is to gain an in-depth understanding of its working principles, including hardware and software, and network structures. First, it should be noted that WiFi complies with the 802.11 protocol, and is th

The concept of a future wireless solution: full use of home route WiFi

Vro do not need to be changed I developed such an app as the administrator of my Broadband Router and installed the software on my mobile phone. I have the right to decide whether to allow users who installed the same software to share my WiFi. When I decide to share, my vro password will be uploaded to the app server. When another mobile device of a user who shares his/her own

Analyze the connection between home wireless route settings and mobile phone WIFI

Next, we will analyze the connection between the home wireless route settings and the mobile phone WIFI. If you are interested in using the home wireless route settings, you may encounter many problems during use and seek help. Ask the routers to help me solve this problem. Problem description: The home wireless route

[Smart Home] WiFi network structure (II)

Reprint please indicate the source: thank you! Because the Wi-Fi network is mobile, and WiFi uses radio waves as the transmission media, this media is essentially open and easy to intercept. Anyone can use a packet capture tool to intercept packets in the wireless network. Therefore, we need to provide some data transmission and management services when designing the

"Android Development-smart home series" (ii): Configure the WiFi module with your phone

"Android Development-smart home series" (ii): Configure the WiFi module with your phone"IP Address" Broadcast address: x.x.x.255 (for example: module Default ip: access to the router, the IP is dynamically assigned by the router. "Implementation Process de

One second to eliminate WiFi blind spots in the home

How to eliminate the WiFi blind spot in home in one second It is estimated that many students have had such an experience: the home of the broadband, bought a wireless router, in the mind of the "later with home casual mobile phone online, no longer need to send money to Ch

How do I set up WiFi sharing without a router at home?

cheetah WiFi. Here we can modify the WiFi name and WiFi password, and then use the phone to collect the WiFi name and then enter the password connection. 4, then we can customize the WiFi welcome page, WiFi Welcome p

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