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Tank Wars-first day (draw tank)

/** * Author: @author Zhangshaowen * Date: 2013-12-04 * Function: Tank 1.0 * * Package com.tank; Import javax.swing.*; Import java.awt.*; public class MyTankGame1 extends jframe{Mypanel MP = null; public static void Main (string[] args) {//TODO auto-generated method Stub new MyTankGame1 (); }//Constructor public MyTankGame1 () {MP = new Mypanel (); This.add (MP); This.setsize (400,300); This.setdefaultcloseoperation (Jframe.exit_on_clo

Java-based tank war instances and java tank war instances

Java-based tank war instances and java tank war instancesOriginality statement The source of this blog post is workshop. Author of this article original, mailbox, if you have any questions, please contact the authorPreface I haven't touched java for a long time. Today I suddenly found out the source code of a tank war game written during the s

07-html5 game tank war 3 (tank mobile)

Tank. js //////////////////////////////////////// /Create the Hreo class start ///////// // define a Hero class function hero (X, y, direct) {This. X = x; this. y = y; this. speed = 1; this. direct = direct; // encapsulate a mobile tank as a function this. moveup = function () {This. y-= This. speed; this. direct = 0; // up}; this. moveright = function () {This. X + = This. speed; this. direct = 1; // turn

C ++ code tank wars (1), Code tank wars

C ++ code tank wars (1), Code tank wars I have a special liking for the tank war because this game was made when I first participated in a Programming Competition in college. The language I used at that time was Java. The competition made me realize the power of object-oriented, and I started to access the design model from that time. For me, the

Intergraph tank 2014 SP1 v6.00.01-ISO 1cd tank design and analysis

Intergraph tank 2014 SP1 v6.00.01-ISO 1cd tank design and analysisCoade tank v4.0 v2012This version is tank version 2012, which is equivalent to tank version 4.0, the storage tank design software, foreign professional engineers de

H5 tank battle "player controls tank movement"

Since 45+11+11 cut down the size of the large three pairs, the online emergence of a variety of divine jokes, one is this: Wei: Hey, man, how have you been recently!  Eyebrows: The other side turned on the friend verification, please add the other side as Friends Wei Less: ... Jrs:2333333 saw a match on the day of data statistics: Wei 45+11+11, du Shao 32+8+3, Ibaka 19+11+2, Reggidjeckson 17+3+6, Harden 16+6+16, Thunder Management really should be renamed Lei Feng management team,  Now the daily

H5 tank battle with a tank of paint

Today is a special day, Christmas, but also the weekend, here first wish you a Merry Christmas! Festive days, we can relax a little, pull a tug yesterday Thunder battle Celtic game, this game Big Granville and Double 叒 Corporation win three pairs, and is a 45+11+11 super three pairs, in fact, Little Thomas's performance also comparable more let, scored 31 points 9 assists, The stub began to play a wave of small climax to the score, but master the last few minutes of the violent walk away from th

HTML5 Tank Wars (2) Draw tank Review

HTML code:12"">34"Content-type"Content="text/html; Charset=utf-8"/>5678"Movetank (Hero)">9"Canvas"Width=" +"height=" -"style="border:1px solid red; display:block; margin:50px auto; background-color:black;">Ten One $ -JavaScript code:function Tank (x, y, direct, speed) {//create tank class, horizontal ordinate, direction, speed This. x =x; This. y =y; This. Direct =Direct;

Java instance-tank wars and java instance tank wars

Java instance-tank wars and java instance tank warsJavaInstance-Tank warsI. sample image Ii. class graph Structure All classes in tank wars Class Relationship Diagram My tanks Iii. Description 1. Every new thing that runs independently is a thread, like our tanks, like enemy tanks, like all bullets. 2. Each th

3D tank war game iOS source code, tank war ios source code

3D tank war game iOS source code, tank war ios source code Source code of the 3D tank war game, developed based on xcode 4.3 and ios sdk 5.1. No error is reported in xcode4.3.3. Compatible with ios4.3-ios6.0, the source code of a rare 3D tank war game on ios platform, with 20 different combat maps. You can use the arr

Classical reappearance based on Java Platform Development tank war game _java

I. Description of requirements 1. Functional Requirements in the functional requirements analysis phase, our main task is to specify which services the system must provide, define what functionality the software accomplishes, and provide it to those who use it, which is a fundamental requirement of software development and an essential part of the requirement analysis. Tank War is a classic game, this game learned some predecessors of the experience,

10-html5 game tank wars 6 (your tank can continuously launch bullets)

Tank. js //////////////////////////////////////// /Define the color of the Tank Class. // var herocolor = new array ("# ba9658 ", "# fef26e"); var enemycolor = new array ("#00a2b5", "#00 Fefe "); //////////////////////////////////////// /define the color of the Tank Class ////////////////////////////////// //// // create a bullet class //////// //// // function b

[Learn Unity3D with me] As a 2D director of the 90 tank war and a prop system, the unity3d tank war

[Learn Unity3D with me] As a 2D director of the 90 tank war and a prop system, the unity3d tank war I am still used to using a director class to control the game process, such as the start and end of the game and the generation of AI in the game, the game maps are all placed in such a director class. Then I put this director class in MainCamera as its component. First, in Start, you need to initialize some

-HTML5 game tank war 5 (your tank can launch a single bullet)

Tank. js //////////////////////////////////////// /Define the color of the Tank Class. // var herocolor = new array ("# ba9658 ", "# fef26e"); var enemycolor = new array ("#00a2b5", "#00 Fefe "); //////////////////////////////////////// /define the color of the Tank Class ////////////////////////////////// //// // create a bullet class //////// //// // function b

JavaScript makes tank Wars full record (1) _javascript tips

PS: This tank war is under the Internet a section of the source code, their own rewriting. itself is not too difficult things, this case will be JS object-oriented better, can be used as a JS object-oriented tutorial. 1. Create the basic object, realize the simple movement of the tank 1.1 How do I draw a canvas on a map ? In view of the browser compatibility problem, we use the method of manipulating Dom

Aquarium Tank (csu1634+ geometry + dichotomy) Contest2087-Hunan Multi-school Tournament (2015.05.24)-G

Aquarium TankTime limit:1 Sec Memory limit:128 MB Submit:15 Solved:4 [Submit] [Status] [Web Board] Description You just bought a "artistic" aquarium tank that have an interesting shape, and you poured L litres of water to the tank. How are the water in the tank?When the "at" tank from one side, it has the shape of a c

Java Simple tank war making code _java

Write a tank war game with knowledge points such as collections, Swing, threads, and so on in the Java language. (1) Draw the principle of the enemy tank: There is a Boolean type variable good in the Tank class. Used to judge the camp of tanks, when the tank object is created, the value of the good is passed in the

HTML5 makes it possible to generate a bullet when the tanks in the classic tank war go around.

Comments: In the previous article, I introduced how to use HTML5 to implement a small tank that can be moved. In this article, I will lead you to the tank war. Do not miss out on HTML5 friends.The Code is as follows: Tank. jsThe Code is as follows:Var heroColor = new Array ("# BA9658", "# FEF26E ");Var enmeyColor = new Array ("#00A2B5", "#00 FEFE ");// Other enem

Html 5 tank war (Han shunping Version)

Html 5 tank war (Han shunping Version) The html 5 code is as follows: Hmtl5-classic tank wars Data Some javascript code is as follows: // For programming convenience, we define two color arrays var heroColor = new Array ("# BA9658", "# FEF26E"); var enmeyColor = new Array ("#00A2B5 ", "#00 FEFE"); // other enemy tanks. The scalability here is good. // define a Bomb function Bomb (x, y) {this. x =

eware.etank2000.v1.9.0.15 1CD (ground tank design software)

The most complete storage tank design software: Etank2000//coade tank/intergraph tank/ametank tank Designeware.etank2000.v1.9.0.15 1CD (ground tank design software)Coade Tank v4.0 V2012 (Chemical industry

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