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[. Net Program Performance Analysis-Part 2] Use CLR profiler to analyze. net programs

It's like stripping. net syntax sugar tool (reflector and so on) a lot of the same, we can be used for analysis. there are many tools for net program performance, such as the performance analysis tool provided by vs introduced in the previous blog debuglzq. In addition, common tools include CLR profiler and windbg.   V

How do Does CLR Profiler work?

In order-to-use-a profiler properly, you need-understand how the data is collected and the limitations of the tool. The CLR Profiler uses a special interface to the runtime this allows it to get callbacks when particular events happen wit Hin the runtime ( Currently, this interface can being used only if the process being

CLR profiler Performance Analysis Tool

CLR profiler has two versions for clr1.1 and clr2.0 respectively. You can try clr4, but you do not know if it is completely compatible. They are 2003, respectively, and 2005 were released by Microsoft CLR performance group. Several hundred K small tools are providedSource codeThe core part is written in C ++ and the UI is written in C.

Use. NET Memory Profiler to diagnose. NET application memory leaks (methods and practices)

of that reside on the GC heap. The retrieved information is presented at real time, both numerically and graphically. Again, this application, the first two days of the department of a application has a memory leak. The phenomenon is that, in a query business scenario, after discovering the query several times, the w3p worker process of IIS grows several megabytes, more than 10 trillion, several 10 megabytes of memory (this is proportional to the query result size), and through

01. Learning the implementation model of the CLR of the. NET CLR Base Series

. NET from code generation to execution, some of the middle-of-the-line processes are new concepts that are different from other technologies, so what is the process, what kind of mechanism, and what are the basic things that we do . Net of the east and the West can know. So, What is the process of the CLR's execution model? Compile the source code into a managed module --and merge the managed modules in

Use. NET Memory Profiler to track Memory usage of. net Applications-Basic Applications

Use. NET Memory Profiler to track Memory usage of. net Applications-Basic Applications Author: Xiao BoThe. net Framework claims that memory leakage will never occur because it introduces the memory reclaim mechanism. However, in practical applications, we often allocate objects but do not release references pointing t

01. Learn the CLR execution model of the. net clr basic series from a simple perspective. netclr

01. Learn the CLR execution model of the. net clr basic series from a simple perspective. netclr . From code generation to execution, some column processes in the middle are a new concept different from other new technologies. What kind of process is this? What kind of mechanism is there, we have understood these basic things.

ANTS Performance Profiler (. NET Performance Tuning tutorial)

. NET Performance Tuning series articles Series Article Index . NET Performance tuning: Use of the ANTS performance Profiler . NET Performance Tuning two: Code metrics with Visual Studio . NET Performance Tuning three: tuning tools and methods for YSlow related r

. NET Performance Tuning: Introduction to the use of ANTS Performance Profiler _ Practical skills

In use. NET to start and develop the application quickly, the next problem may be the performance tuning aspects of the program, and performance tuning can sometimes involve all aspects of the problem, such as the program host system, database, network environment, and so on, and when the program is unusually large and complex, performance tuning will become even more impossible. This series of articles will mainly introduce some.

Use. Net Memory Profiler analy.netprogram Memory to debug the. net program using mdbg.exe

. Net Memory leakage:Reference not eliminated, event not deleted If it is a WPF application, there are common problems with the release of Image objects. The attributes of objects bound to non-dependent attributes or that do not implement the INotifyPropertyChanged interface are not described here. This article describes how to use the powerful. Net Memory Profiler

. NET Security Secrets series blog index CLR boarding (on) MSCOREE. DLL managed code process Injection & CLR host

. NET Security Secrets series blog Index 1). NET Architecture 2)Hosting PE files 3)Introduction to metadata and IL 4)Basic Assembly concepts 5)Basic emit (I) Operations 6)Emit (medium) ILGenerator 7) application domain Basics 8) CLR boarding (on) MSCOREE. DLL 9) CLR host (in) host the loading and execution of exe files

. Analysis of loading principle of CLR program under NET Platform

Program Flier Lu Note: This series of articles in the Water Wood Tsinghua BBS ( of the. NET version of the start, Reprint please keep the above information, please contact the author Unlike native code in a traditional Win32 executable program (Native), Microsoft's launch. NET schema, the code for the executable program is in a Java Byte IL (intermediate Language) pseudo code form exists. After t

Super simple and practical. NET Performance Tuning Tool-----ANTS Performance Profiler

Art Word to achieve later, performance has become a relatively large bottleneck, optimizing the performance of the process of exposure to some. NET Performance debugging tool, the favorite is the ants performance Profiler, simple operation, the function is similar to what I expected.ANTS Performance Profiler is from the famous red Gate, many people used the.

. The CTS, CLS, and CLR in net

  Explanation of MSDN:the. NET Framework is a managed execution environment that provides a variety of services for the applications it runs. It includes two main components: the common language Runtime (CLR) as the execution engine for processing running applications, and the. NET Framework class Library, which provides a tested reusable code base that developer

Ants profiler (for. Net) analysis, debugging, and cracking)

Question: [original] analysis, debugging, and cracking of ants profiler (for. Net)Author: tankaihaTime: 2006-08-24, 11: 33: 35Chain: T = 30953[Article Title]: analysis, debugging, and cracking of ants profiler (for. Net)[Author]: tankaiha[Author's homepage]:[Software name]:

. NET Platform. NET Framework organizational structure. NET Framework class library CLR C # Introduction

I.. NET platform. NET can now be regarded as a brand of Microsoft, Microsoft has two very successful brands, that is, Windows and office. NET becomes another brand of Microsoft, it's not just a set of technologies, products, or services (Microsoft's services include MSN, Passport, MSDN subscriptions, etc.)A brand with some features, such as Rolex, is a watch bran

[Original] building a high-performance ASP. Net Site Chapter 7 how to solve memory problems (previous article)-Managed Resource Optimization-monitor CLR Performance

Build high performanceASP. NETSite Chapter 7 How to solve memory problems(Previous)-Managed Resource Optimization-MonitoringCLRPerformance In the previous articleArticleThis article describes how to monitorCLRWhether it causes some performance problems. The topics in this article are as follows: Memory problems(Previous) Managed Resource Optimization (previous) Object lifecycle (previous) Object"Generation "(previous) Large Object heap(LOH)(Previous) CLRCounter usage(Pa

Monitoring CLR Performance of High-performance ASP. NET Site Construction

High-performance ASP. NET Site build series Article Directories Use of CLR counters We use the built-in performance monitoring tool to track and monitor the garbage collector. Next, we will first introduce several common CLR performance monitoring counters. We generally look at the counters under the. net

Microsoft. NET technical practices ORM Development Series articles summary template studio template editor for Smart Tips and query tracker llbl Gen profiler

understand the experience. net practice. Template Studio Llbl Gen 3. X has its own template studio, but it does not provide support for smart prompts. In this way, code writing is inefficient, so I want to create a template editor with smart prompts, see the template definition below, llbl Gen 3. template definition of the lpt type of X Project currentproject = _ executinggenerator. projectdefinition;Entitydefinition currententity = (entitydefiniti

Understanding. NET CLR Garbage collection--(learn it well.) NET series)

stage of history as a protagonist, thanks to the progress of Java, which today's GC is defeating. Java uses VM (virtual machine) mechanism, and the running of the program by the VM also includes the management of the GC. In the late 90,. Net appeared, and. NET adopted a similar approach to Java that was managed by the CLR (Common Language Runtime). The emergence

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