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Microsoft. NET Framework FAQ (i)

Microsoft. NET Framework FAQ Microsoft Corporation Conceptual issues What is. NET? Simply put, Microsoft®.net is a strategy for Microsoft to deliver software in a service manner. For complete information, see the White Paper on this topic. The

Skmfaqs. Net: an open-source ASP. net faq Application

I have not been on msdn for a long time. I found a new thing yesterday: skmfaqs. Net: an ASP. NET FAQ application --- An OpenSource codeASP. NET. x FAQ ApplicationProgram. This article analyzes the design objectives of skmfaqs. NET and discusses

Windows Mobile development FAQ

1. Q: Which project type can I select to create a smart device application when creating a project? A: In the Create Project dialog box of Visual Studio, select Visual C # or Visual Basic project type, select the smart Device template, select the

Microsoft. NET Framework FAQ

Microsoft. NET Framework FAQ Microsoft Corporation July 2001 Summary:This article contains common questions about Microsoft. NET and the Microsoft. NET Framework. (15 page printed) Content Conceptual issues Run-time Library Technical

ASP. NET session FAQ

ASP. NET session FAQ By Patrick Y. NGAddress: Tony Qu (from blueprint Translation Team) This article is divided into two parts:1. "Understanding session state mode"-helps you understand three

ASP. NET Web Pages (Razor) FAQ

ASP. NET Web Pages (Razor) FAQby Tom Fitzmacken| February 7,PrintThis article lists some frequently asked questions about ASP. NET Web Pages (Razor) and WebMatrix.Software versions used in the tutorial What ' s the difference between ASP.

Microsoft. NET Framework FAQ

Issue Summary: This article contains frequently asked questions about Microsoft. NET and the Microsoft. NET Framework. Directory Conceptual issues Run-time technical issues Terms Assembly Application Deployment and Isolation Garbage

[Linux] vi-classic usage FAQ

0.0-introduction-how to use this FAQ This document is divided into several parts. First, sections 0th and 1st introduce what VI is, and section 2nd introduces many newSome people who do not have much experience with VI often ask these questions,

ASP. NET deployment to IIS FAQ solution (404)

ASP. NET deployment to IIS FAQ solution (404)1. The corresponding. NET Framework framework is not installedSolution:The frameworks below. NET 3.5 are installed by using the "turn Windows features on or off" area.More than 4.0 of the framework to be

. Net 4.0 FAQ Part 1-DLR

. Net 4.0 FAQ Part 1-DLR Introduction This articleArticleWe will discuss what new features. NET Framework 4.0 provides. Then we will discuss the characteristics of DLR.Dynamic Object and expando object in. We will also create an expando

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