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How to install. NET Framework 3.5 on Windows XP SP3

Recently, we tested an installation package for the company's internal products. the. NET Framework 3.5 installation package is loaded inside the product. The local environment is Windows XP SP3. After testing, it is okay to install the company's products. During the installation process,.

XP SP3 installing. Net 4.0 hints for critical errors, 0x80070643, resolution 2017

Framework 4 Client configuration files x86, x64 Dotnetfx40_client_x86_x64.exe The. NET Framework 4 Complete x86 Dotnetfx40_full_x86.exe The. NET

Windows XP SP3? Transferred from: lonely pigeon, source: Tian Ji yesky, responsible editor: Yuan shaolong

can be changed. However, by viewing the files decompressed in the SP3 package (especially the EXE and DLL Application Extensions, We can roughly understand the system functions affected by the service package ): ? Auto Check Utility ? Auto File System Conversion Utility ○ Boot Loader ○ Fax XP SP1 Patch ○ Microsoft. NET Assembly regiity Utility ○ Microsoft.

XP SP3 cannot install IIS system version IIS 5.1 IIS 6

me, are learning ASP and None. The best way is to download a Microsoft Windows XP Professional sp2.iso and extract the files in i386. Note that if you want Internet Information Service to support, you must also select FrontPage 2000 Server Extension under the Internet Information Service subdirectory. Step 1: Open the control panel-add or delete programs-Add/delete Windows Components-Internet Information Service (IIS)-details-FrontPa

Introduction to Windows XP SP3

Utility * Microsoft. NET Framework * Microsoft. NET Framework CAS Policy Manager * Microsoft. NET Framework IL Explorer * Microsoft. NET Services Installation Utility * Microsoft Commo

Solution to update failure after XP is installed with SP3 (installation fails after XP is automatically updated and downloaded)

XP cannot be updated after SP3 is installed Register wups2.dll in Windows To register the wups2.dll file in windows, follow these steps: 1. Stop the automatic update service. To do this, follow these steps: A. Click Start and run, type cmd, and click OK ". B. at the command prompt, type the following command and press Enter: net stop wuauserv 2. register

Penetration notes -2013-07-13 Windows XP sp2-sp3/windows Vista sp0/ie 7

yes the listen address Lport 4444 Yes the listen port Exploit target:id Name-- ----0 Windows XP sp2-sp3/windows Vista sp0/ie 7 >> exploit [*] exploit running as background job. [*] Started reverse handler on [*] Using url: [*] Server Started. >> back >> sessions-l Active sessions =============== Id Type information Connection--------------------- ------1 S

Install iis5.1 on XP SP3

I installed IIS on my home computer today. I don't know how long it took to install IIS! It's no longer awkward now! I am using SP3 SP3 !! Install ghostversion XP without the original installation disk! Download only !! 1. Download Iis5.1: After downloading and installing the package, Go to Start> add or delete compone

Competition between Ubuntu 8.04 and XP SP3

polygon meshes urves, OpenGL, Tex, and metabils. The supported animations include keyframes, motion curves, morphing, and inverse kinematics. It also provides drawing particle system, deformation lattices (deformation grid), skeletons (skeleton), and 3D views with any angle (3D view with animated rotoscoping ). Other notable features include field rendering, several lighting modes, and animation curves. Of course, blender can also access files in Targa, JPEG, Iris, SGI movie, amiga IFF, and oth

How to install and update a patch after XP has SP3 installed

XP cannot be updated after SP3 is installed Register wups2.dll in Windows File To register the wups2.dll file in windows, follow these steps: 1. Stop the automatic update service. To do this, follow these steps: A. Click Start and run, type cmd, and click OK ". B. at the command prompt, type the following command and press Enter: Net stop wuauserv 2. re

Deploying the MVC Runtime Environment in XP SP3 IIS5.1

The following describes deployment on IIS5.1 How to install IIS in XP SP3 this is no more verbose. The following is mainly configured IIS5.1 and then run. First, talk about the experience of failure. can not be deployed in the IIS5.1 virtual directory , not good to use. Debug found the path of the file is not correct, on the Internet to find some information (are English) that can be solved with Webmatrix_x

. NET 1.1 SP1 &. NET 1.0 SP3 is out.

. NET Framework 1.1 SP1: Http:// Displaylang = ZH-CN familyid = A8F5654F-088E-40B2-BBDB-A83353618B38 . NET Framework 1.1 SP1 for win2003:Http:// Displaylang = ZH-CN familyid = AE7EDEF7-2CB7-4864-8623-A1038563DF23 .

Windows comes with the. NET Framework version Daquan

The following is a complete list of which version of the. NET Framework was included in which version of the OS: Windows XP Media Center Edition (Windows XP SP1) includes the . NET Framework 1.0 + SP2 as an OS component Win

"Go" list of common Microsoft. NET Framework versions of the download URL

Research] List of common Microsoft. NET Framework versions of the download Web address2014-05-23Only columns commonly used (IA64, Beta, Hotfix, ... Not listed)Microsoft. NET Framework 1.0Microsoft. NET Framework Redistributable 1.

What is the difference between the. NET Framework 4 and the. NET Framework 4 Client profile?

version of Client profile can be used only on the web (ClickOnce) and version 4.0 because it has redistributable Package, so it can be applied to both native and Web installations.• The 3.5 version supports only x86 Windows XP sp2/sp3,4.0 versions, and supports all platforms supported by the. NET Framework 4, in addition to IA64.• The 3.5 version of Client profi

. NET Framework Design reading notes (i)---. NET platform composition

Notes | program | design. NET Platform constitutes 1 Low-level operating system Windows because Web services and applications that use Web services are still running on computers, and since computers have peripherals, we still need an operating system. Windows has added XML support ... All versions of Windows XP and Windows.NET (now renamed Windows Server 2003) provide the best support for a service-d

Installation of. NET Framework components fails after a computer restarts unexpectedly

Service packs are listed below:Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Microsoft Windows Service Pack 3 (SP3), or Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2)Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0.To obtain the Microsoft. NET Framework version 2.0 red

MySQL Installation exception: This application requires. NET Framework (the. NET Framework 4.5 is not installed because: specified)

1.mysql installation package Open after exception: This application requires. NET FrameworkWorkaround: Download the Microsoft.NET framework in 4.5 install MySQL after installation.2. Unable to install the. NET Fr

What is the difference between the. NET Framework and the. NET Framework SDK?

Many beginners have also studied for a long time. NET, but what is the difference between the. NET Framework and the. NET Framework SDK may not be clear, I also borrow someone else's words to clarify, I hope to provide help to the novice. The.

Load XP styles for Windows Forms in. Net

window| load XP styles on Windows Forms loaded in. Net Author: Heath Stewart Introduced When Windows XP was released with his own visual style or theme, many people were excited by the gorgeous interface he had. However, when the. NET1.0 official version was released, many people included myself disappointed that Windows Forms did not support the visual sty

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