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ASP. NET page request processing process

Page Compilation For a specific. aspx ResourceProgramThe collection is generated in two steps. FirstSource codeIt is parsed and derived from the page class (or the derived class of the page) based on the obtained information. Then, the dynamically

"Message" Understanding the HTTP Protocol's Request/response (request response) model

"Message" Understanding the HTTP Protocol's Request/response (request response) Model family CatalogIntroduction Request/Response modelHttp://"principle" Understanding the HTTP Protocol's Request/response

Through the reconstruction of the Hosting system, we can understand the HTTP request processing process in the ASP. NET Core

Through the reconstruction of the Hosting system, we can understand the HTTP request processing process in the ASP. NET Core pipeline [Up]: The pipeline is used to process the request, and the hostingcore It is called ASP. NET Core is a Web

HTTP module and handler in ASP. NET [favorites]

【Abstract] You may have realized that with HTTP processing programs and modules, ASP. NET has provided powerful energy to developers. Insert your own component into the ASP. NET Request Processing pipeline and enjoy its advantages.   Introduction

ASP. net http runtime Composition [Post]

Introduction No matter which underlying platform is used, the reliability and performance are for all web applications.ProgramIn a sense, these two requirements are mutually contradictory. For example, to build a more reliable and robust

What will happen when a request enters the ASP. NET engine?

Original article: InASPBefore. NET, you need to use the ISAPI filter to rewrite the URL on the IIS Web server. Because the ASP. NET engine is very similar to IIS, you can use ASP. NET for URL

HTTP module of ASP. NET and request handling process of processing programs

Processing of ASP. NET requests The ASP. NET Request Processing process is based on the pipeline model. In the model, ASP. NET passes the http request to all modules in the pipeline. Each module receives http requests and has full control

HTTP protocol and its request header analysis

As we all know, the basic protocol of the Internet is TCP/IP protocol, the current widely used FTP, Archie Gopher, etc. are based on the TCP/IP Protocol Application layer protocol, different protocols corresponding to different applications.The main

ASP. NET asynchronous request processing (asynchronous HTTP handlers)

In ASP. NET, You can inherit the ihttphandler interface to implement a synchronous (synchronous) class for processing user requests. For example, if you want to process all requests whose types are fakephp through your HTTP hanlder, You can

iOS Development Network Chapter--HTTP Request messages and HTTP response messages

HTTP request messages and HTTP response messages :HTTP messages are text-oriented , and each field in the message is a number of ASCII strings , and the length of each field is indeterminate. HTTP has two types of messages: Request messages and

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