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70-660 windows internals test comments

The day before yesterday, I took the 70-660 windows internals test. I used the second-shot offer last year and took the test twice. The results all went down. The exam has finally passed. The 70-660 test mainly examines the knowledge of the Windows

(8) New Features of Unity5.0 ------ IL2CPP Internals: A Journey of generated code, unity5.0

(8) New Features of Unity5.0 ------ IL2CPP Internals: A Journey of generated code, unity5.0 Sun Guangdong 2015.5.25 Reprinted, please indicate the source This is the second blog article in The IL2CPP Internals series. In this article, we will

(eight) Unity5.0 new features------il2cpp Internals: Generated Code Tour

??Sun Guangdong 2015.5.25Reprint please indicate the source barThis is the second blog post in the Il2cpp Internals series. In this article, we will explore the C + + code generated by Il2cpp.exe. Along the way, we'll see how the managed types are

. NET (C #) Internals: Little-known??

. NET (C #) Internals: Little-known?? From Blog Garden-Home Original essence area Author: Wu Qin READ: 19 Comments: 0 Author: Wu Qin posted on 2010-05-21 16:09 original link --To see the truth in detail. Introduction "??" I knew it a long time ago,

One of ASP. NET Process models: IIS and ASP. NET ISAPI

A friend asked me on MSN a few days ago, "what is the whole process from ASP. NET receiving Http request to generating Response ?" I think this problem involves IIS and ASP. NETASP. NET Runtime processing model is not clear in just a few words, so I

Microsoft. NET and the comparison of Java EE [E]

j2ee| compare Microsoft. NET vs. Java: How does They Stack up? What exactly is the. NET platform [and] how does the. NET architecture measure-ee? Java runs on no platform with a Java VM. C # is runs in Windows for the foreseeable future. . NET

ASP. NET insider-bridge between ISAPI and application domains

Original article address: ASP. NET Internals-The bridge between ISAPI and Application Domains. 2007.06.13Simone Busoli ASP. NET internal working principle sometimes looks like the dark magic behind the scenes, providing developers with a high-level

Recommended in this week's ASP. NET technical article [06/17-07/07]

  Summary A total of 10 articlesArticle: Link to July 4: ASP. NET, ASP. NET Ajax, Visual Studio, Silverlight, and iis7 Scriptdoc 1.0 released Top 5 most common mistakes on websites ColdFusion has updatepanel Tip/trick:

Learning WinDBG/SOS and Advanced Debugging

In my daily R & D work as well as in my general development, I always keep WinDBG open so I can quickly debug major problems in a system or just to take a look under the covers. winDBG is short for Windows Debugger and it's what you wocould use if

ASP. NET insider-IIS Processing Model

Original article address: ASP. NET Internals-IIS and the Process Model 2007.05.03Simone BusoliASP. NET is a beautiful framework for developing Web applications and building them. However, it is difficult for most people to understand every detail

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