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New Features of. NET Framework 4.0

Note that. NET Framework 4 introduces an improved security mode. For more information, see security changes in. NET Framework 4. Specifically, this article will introduce. NET framework 4 has the following new features and improved features:

New features in. NET Framework 3.5 (2) [sorting]

Transferred from: Johnson's blogBefore resuming: function introduction in. NET Framework 3.5 (1)The above is a brief introduction. The following documents are sorted based on the specific descriptions on msdn: The new features in. NET Framework 3.5

. NET Overview (2). NET Core 2.0 features introduction and Usage guide

. NET Core 2.0 Release Date: August 14, 2017 foreword This one will be long, introducing the. NET Core 2.0 new features, tool support and system ecology, status and future plans, can be read as a technology overview, can also be used as a learning

New features in. NET Framework 2.0

New features in. NET Framework 2.0 In Microsoft. on the basis of. NET Framework 1.1 ,.. NET Framework 2.0 has been expanded to improve not only the existing functions, but also some new functions and enhance the documentation. This section provides

New Features of. NET Framework 4.5

Today, I suddenly found that Microsoft has released the. NET Framework 4.5 Developer Preview version. The following are its new features. I will first publish the original article and then translate it when I have time. [This documentation is for

ASP. NET 5 Series tutorials (1): reading new features, reading

ASP. NET 5 Series tutorials (1): reading new features, reading Microsoft recently released ASP. NET 5.0. The new feature requirements of this release are derived from the feedback and requirements of a large number of users. For example, the

ASP. net mvc 3.0 (I): summary of the new features of MVC 3.0

Document directory       ASP. net mvc 3.0 (I): summary of the new features of MVC 3.0 ASP. net mvc 3.0 (II): MVC concept and MVC 3.0 development environment ASP. net mvc 3.0 (III): first recognized mvc url ing rules Routing ASP. net mvc 3.0 (4

ASP. NET features

Microsoft. NET Framework 2.0 has completely improved ASP. NET. ASP. NET has become an enhanced Web application technology. Developers can find that the amount of code required to implement Web sites and pages is getting fewer and fewer, thus

Why choose. NET Core?

why Choose. Netcore? Learning a new development framework is a huge investment. You need to learn how to write, build, test, deploy, and maintain applications in a new framework. As a developer, there are many frameworks to choose from, and it's

New Features of. NET Framework 3.0

Application Program The goal of development is to make the best software in the shortest time. However, as the performance of the Development Platform increases, the barriers to making software have also increased accordingly. Taking windows as an

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