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"Oracle Cluster" Oracle DATABASE 11G RAC Knowledge and graphics detailed tutorial cache fusion technology and main background process (RPM)

Directory Cache Fusion principle What is Cache Fusion? What is high availability The difference between FAILSAFE and RAC RAC and OPS differences Differences between hot standby, RAC, and Data guard for dual machines

"Oracle Cluster" Oracle DATABASE 11G RAC Knowledge and graphics detailed tutorial cache fusion technology and main background process (iv)

Cache fusion Technology and main background process (iv) Overview: write down the original intent and motivation of this document, derived from the Oracle Basic operating Manual of the previous article. The Oracle Basic Operations Manual is

Cache fusion Technology and main background process (iv)

Cache Fusion principleThe background process for RAC has been described earlier, in order to gain a deeper understanding of how these background processes work, first understand how the multi-node management of shared data file access in RAC works.

Let users add functionality to your. NET application through macros and Plug-ins

Program Jason Clark This article assumes that you are familiar with. NET and C # Download the code for this article: Plug-ins.exe (135KB) Overview Most user applications benefit from the ability to be extended by other developers. Extending an

Read notes-understand one of the underlying ASP. NET Architectures

What is ASP. NET? ==================== ASP. NET is a complex engine that uses hosted code to process Web requests from start to end. The entire ASP. NET engine is fully built on managed code, and all the extension functions are provided through the

ASP. NET Linux Deployment (2)-MS Owin + WebApi + Mono + Jexus

Original: ASP. NET Linux Deployment (2)-MS Owin + WebApi + Mono + JexusASP. NET Linux Deployment (2)-MS Owin + WebApi + Mono + JexusThis article takes my last blog post: the ASP. NET 5 Linux deployment, the article is mainly for the latest ASP. NET 5

. NET Type level viewing tool,. net Type level

. NET Type level viewing tool,. net Type levelTo quickly learn about A. NET Library last week, you need to view its type hierarchy. It is always inconvenient to indicate a type level in the article or to use text comfortably. Although Reflector can

why. Net socket server programming is also efficient

When it comes to socket programming, most people raise their hands c,c++. Unfortunately, there is no chance to follow and reach the level of the write server, so you will still consider the C # version of the socket server.After a query, trial. Some

[Debug]. Net debugging and C ++ debugging Resources

The following is a summary of tools and resources that you might be interested in after taking the. NET debugging and/or C ++ debugging courses we offer at SELA. [Shameless plug: If you haven't taken these courses yet, I strongly suggest that you

Ten Principles of object-oriented Software Development (II.)

Ten principles of Object Oriented Software development (turn two) When you define the parameters of a method, be sure to make them extensible. For example, the following line of code is not extensible: Public Function PlaceOrder (slastname As

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