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Use OracleClient, OLEDB, ODBC, Visual Studio, and ODP. NET to connect to the Oracle database

--- The following is OracleClient The following describes how to access the Oracle database through the ASP. NET page through System. Data. OracleClient, In fact, it is relatively simple, First, let's introduce the environment, My machine is

Ado. NET Data connection Pool

21st century is the most expensive. Database connection. Database connection is one of the most precious resources in the whole system for the application system with database as the cornerstone of data storage. Database connection pooling is the

Build. NET applications on the Oracle database

As Microsoft's. NET Framework becomes increasingly popular, many developers are eager to learn about applying. net Program The best way to integrate with Oracle-not only in terms of basic connectivity, but also in relation to effective application

Use ORACLE database transactions in. net

Author: Jason priceAddress: Understand the basics of writing database transactions in Visual Basic. NET and C. ExampleCode:

Ado. net connection pool and connection string Analysis)

From: the release of. net. The database reading technology also evolved from ADO to ADO. net. As you know, ADO. NET provides more convenient database read/write capabilities and

Building. NET Applications on Oracle

The oracle| program understands the basic but essential processes involved in building a. NET application that uses an Oracle database The downloads covered in this article · Sample code · Oracle Data Provider for. NET ( With the growing

Oracle ODP. NET Connection Pool

Database Connection PoolA connection pool is a cache of database connections that request a database connection to a connection pool whenever the application needs to connect to the database, and the connection pool is responsible for the creation

. Net connection to oracle

C #. net connection to oracle This article describes how C #. net connects to the Oracle database.. Net programming we usually use SQL Server databases, but sometimes we have to use. net + Oracle's weird combination. Microsoft and Oracle provide

Records the issue where Session information is not updated when the ADO. NET connection pool is used to connect to Oracle, ado. netoracle

Records the issue where Session information is not updated when the ADO. NET connection pool is used to connect to Oracle, ado. netoracle In a recent project, due to the large amount of data queried on the interface and the large number of

[Reprinted] Summary of. Net Access to Oracle

 For a long time, I have been using ms SQL Server/Access database, through. Net Access Ms home things almost never encountered any trouble. Recently, I used oracle as a database in my project. I learned some things about. Net accessing Oracle and

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