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C # local call of FORTRAN dynamic link library for mixed programming with FORTRAN

Document directory 2. Compile a fortran program to generate a dynamic link library file Preface C # has developed into a very well-developed language. Based on the C language style, C ++ has evolved. And relies on the powerful. Net underlying framework. C # can be used to quickly build desktops and Web applications. However, in our actual work, although C # is already perfect, we still cannot complete all our work. In many engineering calculation

[Reprint:] C # and Fortran mixed programming local call FORTRAN dynamic link library

ObjectiveC # has evolved into a fairly sophisticated language, based on the C-language style, which evolved in C + +. And rely on the powerful. NET underlying framework. C # can be used to quickly build desktop and Web applications. However, in our actual work, although C # has been very well-developed, it is still unable to complete all of our work. In many engineering calculations, the computational speed, precision, and execution efficiency of the C # language are relatively less than the req

Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6 (Fortran compiler)

Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6 (Fortran compiler) Registration Code: 33106-060-1186591-00003 Visual Fortran 6.6 is a FORTRAN Compiler class, And Compaq Visual Fortran 6.6 (a powerful and complete FORTRAN programming tool on today's P

"Fortran" Fortran in the use of open, Read and write

real range, and FORTRAN77 provides an expanded editor that can output three-bit or four-bit exponents. This type of editor is: Ew.dee, with E specifying the number of digits of the exponent. The Fortran compilation system of some computer systems has automatically changed the number of digits of the exponent to 3-bit or 4-bit according to its allowed real range. You do not have to specify the desired exponent number for some data in the Rormat statem

Fortran compiler one of the installation of the gun Fortran (Windows XP)

In recent studies of GIS algorithms, FORTRAN language is needed. Found an open-source software gun Fortran compiler on the Internet. Of course, since it is a compiler, it compiles programs, but the editor is not included. The editor can be in text Notepad, or it can be zionedit.First loaded with the gun Fortran compiler, finished. Think it is a visual interface,

FORTRAN getting started -- C # Calling Fortran DLL

First, create a FORTRAN dynamic Connection Library Project and write a function to calculate the sum of the two numbers. The Code is as follows: 1 function mysum (x, y)2 implicit none3! Dec $ attributes dllexport: mysum4! Dec $ attributes alias: 'mysum': mysum5 integer x, y, mysum6 mysum = x + y7 end Function After realse compilation, copy the generated DLL. Create a C # console project, paste the copied DLL to the DEBUG directory, and add the code

Why are more and more scientists using python, ruby rather than Fortran?

Reply content:It is important to emphasize that language is just a tool, a tool that satisfies a particular need in a particular application scenario, and that it is not only meaningless but also friendly to get out of the application scenario. The following experience (spit Groove) are aimed at large-scale scientific computing, the PC to write an afternoon code, and then run 10 minutes of code to use Python/r/matlab/ruby, easy to get started, powerful, rich online resources, is absolutely no re

Fortran and C

Http://, the most content of this article is I read Peng "Fortran 95 program Design" notes. Read only to the Nineth chapter, mainly 3~9 chapter, are the most basic usage (the original book a total of 16 chapters). Here the main excerpt from my reading process summed up some of the Fortran and C different places, mainly in the grammatical aspect. I hope this note can give some help

Build a Fortran development environment in Linux

Article Title: Build a Fortran development environment in Linux. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. As one of the earliest advanced computer languages, Fortran has a history of about 40 years, including Fortran 66

The difference between C language and Fortran language

This paper introduces the differences between C language and Fortran language in detail. 1. C + + language and FORTRAN development background In the process of programming language development, FORTRAN language is regarded as the special language of scientific computation. Later introduced FORTRAN90 and Fortran 95 ve

Comparison of mathematical computing performance of C #/C ++/Fortran in 32-bit/64-bit

Test Platform In my previous blog, I compared the performance of C # And C ++ in computing-intensive programs in VS2010. Link to the previous blog: Http:// At that time, it was the result of a test with amd x-Dragon 9650 CPU (4 cores. With the release of VS2012 and Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013, we will test the improvement of the VC11 compiler over VC10 and the performance differences between. net4.5. net4.0 and C.

Setup and configure an open source Fortran development environment on Windows

We must has already been familiar with proprietary Fortran programming environments, for example, Compaq Visual Fortran IDE (which is actually a combination of Microsoft ' s Visual Studio 6 IDE and Compaq ' s Fortran compile R along with commercial numerical libraries like IMSL by Visual Numerics and libraries for developing Windows GUI programs . Vi

Install intel Fortran compiler ifort in centos 5.2 Linux (non-commercial version)

Install the Intel Fortran compiler in centos 5.2 Linux (1) download Entering,Select Tools downloads, select free non-commercial cial (non-commercial version), enter the page, Select accept,Select intel Fortran composer Xe 2011 for Linux for download. Then, a page is displayed,You need to provide some information, including the emai

C # calls a Fortran-generated DLL with insufficient memory for the method report

recently in the study of a program, the company gave, the program is written in VB, the program also has a computational model, written in Fortran language. In debugging to this model inside the method times wrong, said is insufficient memory, so on the online search method, read two blog post after the problem solved.C # and Fortran mixed programming local call FORTRAN

[Reprint]:fortran string of stories

I. The difference between a Fortran string and a C stringFortran's string processing ability is actually very weak, the syntax of the string is still very backward. It is the most significant difference from the C string: The FORTRAN string is fixed-length, without the/end character. In addition, Fortran does not differentiate between characters and strings. That

Hybrid development of FORTRAN and C/C ++...

Recently, a FORTRAN Program Modules are integrated into a C ++ platform. For the first time in his life to do Fortran, it is also the first time that we are doing binary hybrid development. To summarize the previous work...The integration of FORTRAN90 and C ++ can be based on static links. All generate OBJ and link them together. Of course, it can also be a dynamic link. Compile

FORTRAN main program parameters and simple file operations

1. in C language, the main function main () can contain parameters, and only two parameters can be included.   main(int argc, char * argv[]){} Here, if you run the program in cmd, the program file name itself is also a parameter, so argc = number of input parameters + 1. argv [0] stores the program file name. 2. In FORTRAN, the main function has no parameters. If you want to execute the Fortran Program in t

FORTRAN Learning 1-Data Types

As the first advanced language, Fortran still plays an irreplaceable role in scientific computing. Recently, I tried to use to perform matrix operations in C #. Although operators are overloaded and supported by the corresponding mathematical libraries, I feel that the convenience of matrix operations is lacking compared with Fortran. In addition, compared with C/C ++,

The GNU Fortran 95 compiler will be integrated into GCC 3.5

For a long time, the Fortran compiler in GCC only complies with the Fortran 77 standard. In today's opinion, this language is very primitive. If you want to write a do until loop, you have to write it like this: 10 continue Mywork If (condition) goto 10 Worse, f77 has no ADT capability, which makes it impossible for many software design methods developed in 1980s to be applied in

VC + + calls Fortran-generated DLL instance

  VC + + + and Fortran mixed programming with the help of Fortran-generated DLLs (using the C default method to transfer function parameters) 1.Fortran Build DLL New FORTRAN DLL Program TEST1.F Add the following code: ! Test1.f90 ! ! Functions/subroutines exported from Test1.dll: ! Test1-subroutine ! Example s

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