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Debugging PHP source code in the NetBeans IDE

Directory Preparatory work How to use XDebug for PHP debugging in NetBeans IDE Debugging options Working with toolbars and editors debugger window Debugging sessions Sample Debug Session Use other monitoring

Use NetBeans and Eclipse to develop PHP applications (1) _ PHP Tutorial

Use NetBeans and Eclipse to develop PHP applications (1 ). [Php100 exclusive article] if you look at the market share of NetBeans and Eclipse separately, you may think that using any of the IDE to develop PHP applications is okay, for example: [php10

Developing PHP applications using NetBeans and Eclipse (1) _php tutorial

"Php100 exclusive feature" If you look at the market share of NetBeans and Eclipse alone, you might think that using any of these Ides to develop PHP applications is no problem, for example: 1. NetBeans: An open source integrated development

NetBeans Tool uses xdebug breakpoints to debug PHP source code

For experienced programmers, using functions such as Echo, Print_r (), Print_f (), Var_dump () is enough to debug PHP code, and if you need to use breakpoints debugging in IDE tools, Xdebug is a very good PHP debugging tool. For unfamiliar code, you

Netbeans 6.5 Development Plan

By netbeans wiki,7/4/08   Directory Netbeans 6.5 Development Plan Demand Summary Schedule (not yet determined) Key features Quality Standard Netbeans release Feature details Script PHP language and project

International: netbeans ide 6.5, top eight technical experts

A month ago, the netbeans ide 6.5 was released in the netbeans community. Enthusiastic developers around the world have been able to review the new PHP scripts, database and network development features of this IDE. The following are some pertinent

Xdebug document (7) remote debugging and xdebug document debugging _ PHP Tutorial

Xdebug document (7) remote debugging and xdebug document debugging. Xdebug documentation (7) remote debugging, xdebug documentation debugging Xdebug prompts that the debugging client interface is related to PHP running. This chapter explains how to

Set up the PHP development environment (XAMPP + Xdebug + netbeans, configure debugging) and create

The main reference is as follows: No RemoteDebugging environment is set up, leading to low development efficiency. Habitual operations obviously cannot get used to this development mode of notepad IEExplorer. Therefore, we decided to build a PHP

PHP Development Environment Build (Xampp+xdebug+netbeans, configure debugging), create the first PHP project ____php

The main reference to this is as follows: Without a remote debugging environment, the development efficiency is extremely low. Habitual operation, apparently unable to get used to this Notepad +ie Explorer's development model. So decided to build a

NetBeans Configuration xdebug Remote Debugging PHP

1. Configure PHPDescription: Xdebug.trace_output_dir and Xdebug.profiler_output_dir need to increase permissions#chmod 755/usr/xdebug-tmpXdebug.remote_host is native Ip,xdebug.remote_port is the port that xdebug open in remote Linux, need to notice

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