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One app opens another sub-app+ app installation does not appear on the phone desktop

Boss temporarily let me do a demo, to implement an app to open another app Requirements: Click on the Open button, have installed the words opened, no installation display installation Sub-program can no longer display icon on mobile phone page Parent Program Core Code public void OnClick (View

First App installation-Problems with authorized network access, first app Installation

First App installation-Problems with authorized network access, first app InstallationApp installation for the first time-pitfalls for authorizing network access 1. What is this pop-up box? .. Picture2. How to trigger 1. First, you have to have an iPhone of the China line version.2. The system version is later than iOS

Apple App installation rejected common errors and app Common Errors

Apple App installation rejected common errors and app Common Errors0. Apps adapt to Ipv6 Networks After March, apple needs to adapt all apps on the Internet to the Ipv6 environment! We discovered one or more bugs in your app when reviewed on iPhone running iOS 9.3.2 on Wi-Fi. Specifically, we were unable to login the

How to extract resources and files from the Cocos iOS app app and game installation package

Usually play mobile phone, see the iOS app many good picture material, there is a wood has very heart, is not want to the picture resources of the use, namely can practiced hand, can improve their own aesthetics 0-0, increase the beauty value of the app. Of course, please do not use for commercial purposes. Development software is not easy, pirated easily, the same as the program ape everyone can not hurt e

Error in App installation failed and iPhone App debugging

Error in App installation failed and iPhone App debuggingI started to try to Clean the project and found that the installation still failed. After the build was successful, I found that the app had no problem and thought it was a problem with the mobile phone configuration f

Where to delete the installation package and Win10 installation package of win10 App Store

Where to delete the installation package and Win10 installation package of win10 App Store If you frequently use the Windows 10 App Store to download applications, you will save a lot of installation packages on your computer. These ins

Android automatically updates the app when it is determined that the installation Completion page does not appear after installation

When the app code is automatically updated, it starts with the following code Intent Intent = new Intent (Intent.action_view); Intent.setdataandtype (Uri.parse ("file://" +constants.sdk_dir+file.separator+constants.sdk_name), "application/ "); Context.startactivity (Intent); However, in some cases, when using these codes, when the dialog box displays the installation confirmation,

Android app penetration test: Set startup, certificate installation, and goatdroid Installation

installation and go to Settings → Security → Trusted Credentials. You can view the Installed Certificate after you log on successfully. Therefore, we are all set to mobile app penetration testing. The next step is to install the virtual device of the application, which will undergo security check. The test application we will use is Goatdroid (

(App Volumes Series III) Manager configuration and agent installation

In the previous blog, we had a basic understanding of the four logical components of app Volumes, environment configuration requirements and how to install the App Volumes Manager component, and we'll continue our app Volumes tour.First review the installation of the app Vol

Sencha Learn Note 2: Pack your first Sencha Android app apk installation package

Through the introduction of the official article of the previous translation we have a preliminary impression of Sencha, and we have also generated the first sample application code framework through the wizard, so the next step may be that many people feel that you should look at the details of how an app is built, based on what the wizard suggests. But I think we can change the path of learning.Heaven Zhuhai The rudder is a relatively quick buck, so

(App Volumes Series II) configuration requirements and manager installation

In the previous blog, we have a basic understanding of the basic concept of app volumes and usage scenarios, in this blog, will take the reader to learn about the basic configuration and installation of the app volumes section.Before we begin the introduction of configuration and installation, we need to look at the ba

Share a method for installing android silently and restarting the app after installation. androidapp

Share a method for installing android silently and restarting the app after installation. androidapp I. Requirements Previously, the boss raised a requirement that an app running on an advertisement machine must be automatically upgraded. The advertisement machine is non-touch screen and cannot be manually clicked. Therefore, the

Electron combat: Create a Window App installation package for electron development

. Note that the Squirrel command above can be used to set setup.exe to use traditional icon or custom image files during the installation process. Use Squirrel--help to see more help Publish Apps and install appsSend the Setup.exe generated in the previous step to the user who wants to install the app. The final application will be installed in the C:\users\administrator\appdata\local\[appname] folder, no

App Promotion channel data statistical analysis and personalized installation why Choose Shareinstall?

Shareinstall is an integrated SDK tool that is compatible with Android and iOS, allowing you to count the amount of traffic, registrations, activity, installs, and the amount of time left on the web during app promotion. At the same time can solve the reality of the free-fill invitation code installation, one-click Jump, user sharing statistics and other functions. So what is the next step in our system to

Troubleshooting IOS App installation Failures

ObjectiveIOS Beta application in the installation, many people have encountered the installation failure, the reasons for installation failure is more, the following we will be some common causes summarized below, convenient for developers to troubleshoot."Unable to download application" during app installationReason o

Shareinstall an app installation statistic artifact that can be implemented without invitation code

At present, many apps are focused on user experience, in the UI is very close to the content, however, many apps in the promotion process has not been able to expand, such as the Invitation class app promotion, hesitate to fill in the invitation code, resulting in loss of a lot of potential users in the middle. And Shareinstall just can solve this demand problem, as long as the app to add Shareinstall SDK w

The solution of "applicationverificationfailed" problem appeared in the PP Assistant installation app

In an iphone, if a user installs some apps that will see a "profile" on the phone's settings-the bottom of the list, the online description file is an XML file that records some important information about a particular app, which is more important. I wrote this blog mainly to record a description of the document I encountered in the development of the problem, I hope to everyone and 6 months later I have some inspiration.Problem Description:The phone

App installation location for Android data storage

Original address: Http:// API8, you can install your app on an external storage. This is an optional feature that you can declare in your app's manifest: Android:installlocation property. Assuming that you do not declare this attribute, your application will be stored internally and cannot be moved to an external storage. xmlns:android = "/http"

Examples and implementations of scenarios where Android app does not display icons on the desktop after installation

1, the development of a opennoiconapp.apk called the main app, inside a button to open the sub-app after clicking, the core jump code is as follows: Publicvoidonclick (Viewview) {switch (View.getid ()) {* *intentintent=getpackagemanager ( ). Getlaunchintentforpackage (* " Com.example.noicontest ");if (intent!=null) {// *startactivity (Intent);}else{ *toast.maketext (Getapplicationcon

Windows Server R2 App-V 5.1 installation Deployment

Preparing the Software1.sqlserver20142.MDOP2015 CD-----Software: ed2k://|file|mu_microsoft_desktop_optimization_pack_2015_x86_x64_dvd_5975282.iso| 3003398144|9cdf964d590c76d3c8e5b948a10f94f0|/?To save time, prepare a 3-machine Windows Server 2012R2 system server, and install a domain controller that is configured well. and join the domain ccvt.comOne. Installing the SQL servr2014 and APPV databases on the APPVDB server??????Turn on remote SQL Server access???? After

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