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Introduction to the Java card under the PBOC specification

Java Cards and smart cardsWhat is a JAVA card? A Java card is a contactless microprocessor smart card that can run Java programs. In November 1996, the JAVA Card version 1.0 specification was officially released. Now the latest JAVA card

Network Card composition principle

1. Recognize NICs, one of the essential components for accessing the Internet. The network adapter works on the last two layers of OSI. The physical layer and the data link layer define the electrical and optical signals, line statuses, clock

"Turn" support and implementation of Linux network card driver for Ethtool

One notable feature of Linux is its powerful network capabilities, which support almost all network protocols and provide a wealth of applications based on these protocols. The importance of Linux network management is self-evident, these management

Ms SQL Server 2000 administrator manual series-11. Microsoft SQL server network settings

11. Microsoft SQL server network settingsOverview of Network ServicesSQL Server application interfaceNetwork Connection LibraryNetwork components and SQL server performanceNetwork MonitoringSummaryAfter you install Microsoft SQL Server, you must set

Linux kernel 2.4.x network interface source structure [go] PrefaceLinux source code, the implementation of the network interface is very well worth reading, through the reading source, not only the network protocol will have a deeper understanding, but

Network card hardware

What are the most basic components in the network? Not a vswitch or a vro, but a small but ubiquitous Nic. If the network adapter has nothing to do with you five years ago, but in today's Internet era, no matter whether surfing the internet or

How to Use ALSA to drive sound card in Linux

Article Title: Detailed description of how to use ALSA to drive the sound card in Linux. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded

Use a laptop wireless network card as a router to build a LAN

If there is no wireless router, a laptop with a wireless network card can also build a LAN. Now, more and more users are using laptops. To make it easier for users to move their offices and access the Internet at any time, some families or

Hardware devices for the network

Say it in the front.  The hub runs on the first layer of the OSI model, the switch on the second layer, and the router on the third layer.  Network hardware devices, including: network cards, hubs, switches, routers, connected network devices,

Network Port Literacy III: The relationship between Mac and PHY for Ethernet chips

Q: How do I implement a monolithic Ethernet microcontroller?A: The trick is to integrate microcontrollers, Ethernet media access controllers (Macs) and physical interface transceivers (PHY) into the same chip, which removes many external components.

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