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Research on Protection restoration application strategy in automatic switched Optical network

First, the introduction Automatic Switched Optical Network (ASON) is a new generation of optical transmission network technology which is constantly adapting to the rapid development of the business. Ason Network as a distributed intelligent optical transport network, its biggest feature is in the transmission plane a

Network Protection Layer configuration and physical security

the external network structure. Microsoft recommends this method because it fits into the deep protection security model. Note: there is an increasing trend: the internal network is divided into multiple security areas to create peripherals for each security area. Microsoft also recommends this method because it helps reduce the overall risk of malware attacks a

Reliable security decisions for network protection

should now be aware of the border protection between different business user groups on the web. Reliable Security DecisionsThe network user also has the security hidden danger. Some users may be very lack of knowledge of network security, for example, do not know the difference between RADIUS and TACACS , or do not know the difference between proxy gateway and p

Cloud computing data center network security protection deployment

Regarding the Security protection of Cloud computing data centers, CSA (Cloud Security Alliance, Cloud Security Alliance) put forward a total of eight suggestions in D7 of the Cloud computing key field construction guide, four security risks related to network security are recommended:  Cloud service providers provide the right to obtain the commitment or author

Network management automation transforms a webmaster into a policy administrator

The new generation of network management tools provided by the solution to the past, the artificial, the complexity of the Web administration work into automation, and has the initiative and value-added functions. It helps to improve the status of network administrators, making them policy administrators, while reducing the cost and complexity of

Knowledge about campus network security and virus protection

Source: Shenyang University of TechnologyI. Overview of computer usage on Campus NetworkThere are a large number of computers connected to the campus network in our school. windows is widely used as the operating system, and various Internet Worms targeting windows systems are rampant, therefore, computer security protection and virus protection are very importan

Linux network settings Advanced Guide

The Advanced Guide to Linux network settings is intended to be overwhelmed by the complicated wired and wireless network architecture of Linux, or to be confused by tutorials on the Internet; or get tired of the endless bugs in graphic interfaces such as NetworkManager (many of them copy files from Windows, but they cannot be reversed... the Advanced

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