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PS Make lovely lace lace text

The tutorial to the Friends of the triple make use of PS making lovely lace lace text, making good effect is very cute, girls should be very like, words not to say, we first look at the final effect: Here is the production step: The first step: open the pattern material, let the setting foreground color is #a9834f. Then we press Ctrl+u to adjust the hue/saturation. The settings are as fol

Photoshop filter skillfully draw lace lace frame

The example mainly uses the Photoshop glass, distorts, sharpens the filter, the simple several steps may produce the more regular lace frame. The completed effect is shown below: 1. Open the picture and double click on the layers panel to unlock the background layer. 2. Use the rectangular tool to select a smaller box than the picture, point menu "Choose----Reverse", and then enter the quick mask. 3. Select the menu "filter---

Android Draw Lace View-wavelineview

The development of the project needs to develop a beautiful interface, some of which require laceFor example:If transduction cut the whole piece, then he only applies to the resolution of the phone, if placed on other mobile phones or on the tablet, he will be stretched, used. 9 The same picture will be stretched, then how to do?In this case, we had to cut out the part of the wavy line that repeats:Img_wave.pngAfter we get this part, we start customizing a view, drawing the repeating part of the

How to use the width tool to draw European lace in Illustrator

I will give you a detailed analysis of the Illustrator software and share with you the tutorial on using the width tool to draw European lace.Tutorial sharing:1. First use a pen to draw a line2. Select the checked line and select the image in the stroke panel, so that the stroke is rounded at both ends.3. Press the Shift + W shortcut key to bring up the width tool, click anywhere on the curve, and pull up horizontally. It takes some time and patience to get it,4. Here, after pressing the Shift +

Unity3d after running the picture shows the problem of lace, mosaic __unity3d

Today, before the revision of a code, the game is running, the original normal picture shows the lace (mosaic), first of these pictures are no background color, so the format is required, PNG format can be saved as a picture without background, here is the PNG format used. As shown above, the first two are after the run. And the third one is the original artwork And then my solution was, Here's the format option: Format the internal representa

Photoshop Design Aesthetic Lace Text tutorial

In this tutorial I will show you how to add some lace to the alphabet to create a great lace text effect. In this tutorial I will show you how to add some lace to the alphabet to create a great lace text effect. Step 1The first thing is to find the elements we want to use. There are a lot of sites we can find a good v

Solution for the lace-up of the window edge after Ubuntu hibernation

You can determine the problem with the Nvidia graphics card, for a detailed solution see: hereA temporary solution:Compize--replaceA permanent solution:sudo add-apt-repository Ppa:graphics-drivers/ppasudo apt updatesudo apt install nvidia-381Alternatively, you can downgrade the graphics driver to version 370, which can be set in additional drivers, software and updates, system settingsSolution for the lace-up of the window edge after Ubuntu hibernatio

Photoshop Make Green lace frame

The focus of the tutorial is the production of lace patterns. Pattern is a combination of patterns, need to be done step-by-step. Each step as long as the production of a pattern, the other direct copy can be. Final effect 1, a new 800 * 600 pixel file, background fill white. Create a new layer, press CTRL + R to pull the ruler. Pull two intersecting reference lines, as shown below. 2, create a new layer, select the Elliptical Marquee tool, hold

Photoshop Draw Lace textured texture word effects

Although the production process of this teaching is a bit complicated, the basic operation is not too difficult. General process: First layout the background, and then use the path and shape tools to make a single pattern, and defined as a brush. When the selection of the text is converted to a path, a defined brush stroke path is used to make the text with lace. Later add some layer style and pattern decoration and so on. Final effect

Photoshop makes beautiful lace-patterned characters

P hotoshop make beautiful lace pattern word Lace text production is the focus of the design part of the production, the author hand-drawn a pattern pattern, and the pattern defined as a brush, and then use the path strokes to apply the pattern to the above text, get the initial lace word; Add details later and use layer style to deal with color and light and so

Photoshop Design a lace text effect

. Step 3: Now, we're going to create a lace brush. Create a new document, about 270 * 270 pixels, using a custom shape tool. Click Polygon Options in the Options bar, select the slider in the pop-up menu, star, check the smooth indent, indent the edge enter 10%. Meanwhile, the number of sides is entered at 12. Draw the shape so that it fits the file and make sure it's colored black. -Using the Ellipse tool, click the path i

"Original" Van Gogh oil painting with deep convolutional neural network What is the effect of 100,000 iterations? A neural style of convolutional neural networks

As a free from the vulgar Code of the farm, the Spring Festival holiday Idle, decided to do some interesting things to kill time, happened to see this paper: A neural style of convolutional neural networks, translated convolutional neural network style migration. This is not the "Twilight Girl" Kristin's research direction?! Even the Hollywood actress began to en

Week four: Deep neural Networks (Deeper neural network)----------2.Programming assignments:building Your depth neural network:step by Step

Building your deep neural network:step by StepWelcome to your third programming exercise of the deep learning specialization. You'll implement all the building blocks of a neural network and use these building blocks in the next assignment to Bui LD a neural network of any architecture you want. By completing the assignment you'll:-Develop an intuition of the ove

RNN (cyclic neural network) and lstm (Time Recurrent neural Network) _ Neural network

Main reference: RNN (recurrent neuralnetworks, cyclic neural network) For a common neural network, the previous information does not have an impact on the current understanding, for example, reading an article, we need to use the vocabulary learned before, and the ordinary neural network does not do this,

Stanford University public Class machine learning: Neural Network-model Representation (neural network model and Neural Unit understanding)

Neural networks are invented when mimicking neurons or neural networks in the brain. So, to explain how to represent the model hypothesis, let's first look at what a single neuron is like in the brain. For example, our brains are filled with neurons, which are cells in the brain, with two points worth noting, one is that neurons have cell bodies, and two neurons have a certain number of input nerves. These

Neural Network Model Learning notes (ANN,BPNN) _ Neural network

Artificial neural Network (Artificial Neural Network, Ann) is a hotspot in the field of artificial intelligence since the 1980s. It is also the basis of various neural network models at present. This paper mainly studies the BPNN model. What is a neural network. A neural net

Cyclic neural networks (recurrent neural network,rnn)

Why use sequence models (sequence model)? There are two problems with the standard fully connected neural network (fully connected neural network) processing sequence: 1) The input and output layer lengths of the fully connected neural network are fixed, and the input and output of different sequences may have different lengths, Selecting the maximum length and f

convolutional Neural Network (convolutional neural network,cnn)

The biggest problem with full-attached neural networks (Fully connected neural network) is that there are too many parameters for the full-connection layer. In addition to slowing down the calculation, it is easy to cause overfitting problems. Therefore, a more reasonable neural network structure is needed to effectively reduce the number of parameters in the

Machine Learning (I): gradient descent, neural networks, and BP Neural Networks

Over the past few days, I have read some peripheral materials around the paper a neural probability language model, such as Neural Networks and gradient descent algorithms. Then I have extended my understanding of linear algebra, probability theory, and derivation. In general, I learned a lot. Below are some notes. I,Neural Network I have heard of

MATLAB Neural network Programming (v) Model structure and learning rules of--BP neural network

"Matlab Neural network Programming" Chemical Industry Press book notesThe fourth Chapter 4.3 BP propagation Network of forward type neural network This article is "MATLAB Neural network Programming" book reading notes, which involves the source code, formulas, principles are from this book, if there is no understanding of the place please refer to the original bo

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